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How to Edit a Theme Background

How to Edit a Theme Background

Changing the background of your WordPress theme is simple. All you have to do is to change the code in the style.css. If the style.css sheet has a file permission set to 666 or 766, you can edit it in the code editor. After you have make a changes to the code in the code […]

How to Subscribe to RSS feeds on Wordpress Blogs

How to Subscribe to RSS feeds on WordPress Blogs

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a brief summary of the content of a blog. RSS feeds alert you of the most recent publications you are interested. Subscribing to a RSS feeds is a simple task. An RSS document contain headline, a summarized text, publishing dates and authorship and a link […]

How to Add Links to a Wordpress Blogs

How to Add Links to a WordPress Blogs

If you have a content rich blog, and you want to add a link to reference all other blogs and websites that you love, then use the WordPress Add New Link ability to link to those websites so that your blog readers can also visit those sites. If you want to add a new link […]

How to Comment on a Wordpress Blog

How to Comment on a WordPress Blog

Most of the blog posts have a comment box beneath that allows visitors to leave their comment about the post. One interesting about blog commenting is that people who leaves their comments get to have a link back to their blogs or websites. Of course, the blogs or websites must be relevant to the blog […]

How to Add Podcasts to Your Wordpress Blog

How to Add Podcasts to Your WordPress Blog

Creating your own podcasts allows you to share your thoughts through words and audio. Podcasting provides a reachable voice for the people that cannot access your blog content. Podcasting on blog can be subscribed and aggregated. Podcast is an effective means to speak to an audience about your thoughts no matter what the audience. Podcasts […]

How to Add a Video to Wordpress Blog

How to Add a Video to WordPress Blog

Online video is a powerful marketing that you can use on your WordPress blog. If you have video on your blog, you will be able to rank better in the search engines. In fact, it can help you to obtain a good ranking on the search engines overnight. Nowadays, Google tends to put videos in […]

How to Create a New Post

How to Create a New Post

Posts are entries that are display on the homepage of your blog. Posts are different than pages. A post has a comment box beneath them which are included in your blog’s RSS feeds but a page does not have the comment box beneath it. To create a new post, follow the instructions below: Procedure: Click […]

How to Upgrade Wordpress through FTP

How to Upgrade WordPress through FTP

Recent version of WordPress allows you to automatically upgrade to newer version of WordPress. Before you upgrade your blog to a newer WordPress version, make sure you have backup all the files including pictures, media files, and database. All the plugins in your blog should be deactivated because some of the plugins might not be […]

How to Restore Your Wordpress Database

How to Restore Your WordPress Database

If you have backup a copy of your WordPress SQL database, you can restore it via PhpMyAdmin. This is not difficult but needs full concentration. A small mistake can drag you into a lot of hassle. To restore your WordPress database, follow the instructions below. Procedure: On the homepage of your Cpanel, click on the […]

How to Backup Your Blog through Wordpress Plugin

How to Backup Your Blog through WordPress Plugin

When you have a WordPress blog, you should regularly backup its posts. This is important because if your server crash down, you can restore your blog with the database that you have backup. To create backup for your blog through WordPress plugin, follow the instructions below: Procedure: Download WP-DB-Backup. Alternatively, you can go to Dashboard […]

How to Backup Your Blog through MyPhpAdmin

How to Backup Your Blog through MyPhpAdmin

Creating backups for your WordPress blog is crucial to prevent losing valuable data. If your website gets hacked or your server crash down, you will lose all the posts that you have created in your blog. If you have a complete copy of your blog in SQL database, you will be able to restore all […]

How to Change the Style of Wordpress Header

How to Change the Style of WordPress Header

There are many different header images available for you to use to change the header image. The header image in the WordPress themes is 192 X 740 pixels. Before you replace the header of any WordPress theme, check the header image and make sure the header image matches that size. If you use a header […]

How to Change Wordpress Theme

How to Change WordPress Theme

After you have installed WordPress on your site, you want to customize it. Initially, WordPress comes with two themes called WordPress Classic and WordPress Default. If you don’t want to use the WordPress Classic and WordPress Default themes, you can change it to another theme. If you want to change WordPress theme for your blog, […]

How to Monetize Your Wordpress Blog

How to Monetize Your WordPress Blog

If your blog is receiving a lot of traffic, it is capable of making money. To get the most out of the traffic to your blog, you should optimize your ads placements, display advertisements and promote products that are relevant to your blog topic. Keeping the visitors coming back to your blog is the most […]

How to Display Adsense on Your Wordpress Blog

How to Display Adsense on Your WordPress Blog

Before installing Adsense on your blog, you must have Google Adsense account. The Google Adsense account can be obtained by submitting your blog or website to the Google Adsense Team for approval. To qualify for a Google Adsense account, you must be 18 years old and your WordPress blog must comply with Google Adsense Terms […]

How to Add Google Analytics to Wordpress

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics application that can be use to analyze your traffic data. Installing Google Analytics on your blog helps to keep track of the visitors on your blog. Google Analytics is free and made available for everyone to use. It has all the features of a web analytic like page […]

How to Add a Theme to Wordpress

How to Add a Theme to WordPress

The WordPress theme system is a way to change the design of your weblog. WordPress themes allow you to have control over the presentation of the material on your blog. A WordPress theme may includes customized template files, image files, style sheets, custom pages and other code files. The WordPress theme changes the design of […]

How to Add a Plugin to Wordpress

How to Add a Plugin to WordPress

Plugins add functionality to your WordPress blog. Plugins can be used to deal with comment spam, generate sitemap, add social bookmark options to your posts and etc. Many kinds of plugins that are not already incorporated in WordPress blog have been developed to suit the needs of the user. Most plugins are available for users […]

How to Access Wordpress Admin Panel

How to Access WordPress Admin Panel

The WordPress admin panel can be accessed by appending /wp-admin/ at the back your blog’s URL and hit enter. Once you do that, you will be automatically redirected to the WordPress login form where you can enter your username and password. After you have filled in your username and password, click on the Login In […]