How to Get Rid of 10 Pounds in a Week

Since it’s the time of the year to wear your bikinis, it would be considerably awful to not fit in them or to have a bulging stomach while you’re on the beach. Wouldn’t it be nice to lose extra pounds within weeks? If you’re itching to lose those extra pounds, here are some tips to help you lose ten pounds in one week.


  • Water. Drink 16 ounces of water before eating. This will make you feel bloated and full. If you do this, it will encourage you to eat less and still be full. This will also help you in cleansing your body.
  • Less calories. To lose weight, you need to eat less calories. Your body burns calories even while you sleep. You can easily burn calories by limiting your calories intake and increasing your exercise or activities. Increase the good food diet and cut down the bad foods you take. This is the best way to lose pounds and still remain healthy.

  • Increase fiber. More fiber will encourage weight loss. Include vegetables, fibers, whole grains, cereals, whole wheat pastas, etc. You may feel bloating, gas and cramps at the beginning so take it gradually day by day so that your body can very well adjust.
  • Drop the sugary foods. If you remove the sugars from your diet it will drastically cause you to lose weight. This means that you don’t add sugar to your coffee or your cereals. Avoid carbohydrates because it turns into sugar. There are many alternative foods that are tasty and delicious that won’t add up to your weight.
  • Limit your portion size. Your diet will also determine the sizes of your meals. If you learn the right portion size of the foods you should eat, this will definitely help you decrease your weight. Six little servings are a lot better than three big servings delivered in bulk.
  • Avoid fatty foods. Avoid oils because they can easily add to your weight. Stick to foods that are natural and dried like raisins or prunes.
  • Exercise. Decreasing your food intake is one thing but incorporating a daily exercise will surely help. Not only will it make you drop down the scale, this will also make you healthy and have a toned body. You don’t need a full-body work out. Walking to your office, biking around or using the stairs instead of taking the elevator are simple ways to exercise. Remember that with your diet, you also need to pair it with exercise.
  • Have the determination. To be able to gain the best results you want, you need determination to reach your ideal weight. Your diet won’t work for you if you’re not committed to maintain it. Eventually you will feel good once you feel that you lose those extra pounds little by little. Remember to also reward yourself with little treats. You deserve it for working so hard.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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