How to Get Pregnant the Easy Way

Are you searching for information on how to get pregnant easily?  If you seem to have exerted all possible efforts to conceive to no avail, hang on and don’t give up. There are things you can do to increase your chances of conceiving and eliminate factors that could be adversely affecting your fertility.

1. Make plans. If you are currently on a birth control pill or just stopped taking it recently, keep in mind that you can’t expect to get pregnant right away.  This is because making your body recover its natural fertility might take weeks or even up to one year. The time period actually depends on the type of birth control you were/are on. Some women have a hard time conceiving even after the discontinued use of birth control pills, and it takes them several months. Similarly, those women who used birth control injections actually had to wait longer to conceive.

This is why making plans early is a major step in getting pregnant. Since it takes a while for your body to get back to its regular reproductive state, you should decide when to quit the birth control method you are using after careful planning. Keep in mind, though, that it doesn’t mean there is no chance for you to be pregnant right after you discontinue birth control use. Despite the rarity, there are cases of women who became impregnated right after ditching the pill or any birth control method.

2. Stay away from carbs. Being at your ideal weight plays a big part in your having an increased chance of getting pregnant. So if you have weight issues, it would be best to take it easy on the carbohydrates. A high intake of carbs—even if you are not overweight—can cause trouble with your reproductive cycle. There is no need to wait for any symptoms to start lowering your carb intake, as cutting your consumption of carbohydrates can do wonders on your reproductive difficulties.

3. Check your reproductive health. For women who are struggling from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POS), a condition that causes infertility, a decreased carb intake is particularly crucial. Often POS is undiagnosed, so a lot of women have this disorder without even knowing it. If you are finding it difficult to become pregnant, consult with your doctor about the possibility of having POS.

4. Have sex in moderation. It may sound counter-intuitive, but excessive sexual activity can actually cause difficulty in conceiving. While it is obviously sex that will get you pregnant, having intercourse too often can have a negative effect on your partner’s sperm count. So instead of having sex daily, couples could opt to engage in intercourse every other day to ensure the normal and functional sperm count every time.

5. Enjoy the deed. Your orgasm counts, particularly if you’re aiming to conceive.  Sperm cells swim against the current on instinct, so they need a channel to swim. This comes in the form of fluids that come out from the opposite direction of the sperm cells as you reach climax.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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