How to Cross the Bogs while Hill Walking

In many hill areas bogs are common. They are not a serious threat to your health though they may be to your sanity at times. Progress can be very slow as you stagger from wobbly tussock to wobbly tussock, occasionally slipping and going knee deep or more into the black sticky mud. If you do find yourself stuck and sinking deeper the best way to try to free your legs is by moving them back and forth to create air gaps. If this does not work, lean forwards to spread your weight and crawl out. You could put your rucksack on the mud in front of you and lie on that. This depends on whether you would rather keep it or your clothes free of mud! Of course, if you have companions they can pull you out. I have only been stuck once when alone, on Featherbed Moss on the Pen nine Way. Crawling was the only way I could move.

Hill Walking

In boggy terrain it is worth ensuring your footwear is tightly laced. It is not pleasant plunging your arm into cold mud trying to locate your shoe.

There are two times when bogs are easy to cross, in prolonged droughts and in freezing weather. During the first even deep bogs can turn to dry, dusty wallows with crazy paving style cracks in the surface while in the second the surface.  Becomes hard and crusty, though you can sometimes feel the ooze underneath shaking as you walk above it.

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