How to Correct Posture

Bad posture can cause a number of health problems. When your bones align improperly, the muscles, joints and ligaments can start to deteriorate. You can easily prevent and treat incorrect posture by doing few exercises and take a few simple steps. You may consider consulting an expert to discuss your option for Spine Deformity Surgery if there’s no significant change in your posture. Correct your posture and the alignment of joints with this red light therapy for bone healing to help oxygen and blood circulate better to prevent backache, muscular pain and other health problems.

  • The most common problem of bad posture involves an incorrect way of standing. Always ensure when you stand that you evenly distribute your weight on your feet. Think as though there an invisible string runs from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Focus on how to keep this string straight and start noticing the proper alignment of the spine.

  • Align your ears over your shoulders. Get your shoulders lower than your earlobes. For a correct sitting position, consciously align your ears with your shoulders and keep your tummy tucked in. Keep your back straight so the hips can touch the base of the chair with your feet flat against the floor. Don’t slouch or slump; otherwise you will increase the muscle tension and back stiffness, then experience backaches when you stand up.
  • Exercise to strengthen the muscles. Doing some abdominal excercises can help you stand straight. The abdominal muscles help support your body as you correct your posture, so make sure you keep these muscles in good condition. These do not have to prove strenuous. Simple strengthening and stretching exercises such as abdominal floor crunches, as well as many pilates and yoga positions, can help strengthen the muscles to help correct your posture.
  • Repeat the exercise routine a few times each day. You will need to visually make sure you maintain the correct posture. Start doing it every morning and help the body stretch out the weak muscles due from sleeping. Maintaining the correct posture helps raise your energy level throughout the day.
  • Using a mirror, practice how to get the correct posture. In this way, you can check your body every time you see your reflection and ensure you have your posture in the right position.
  • Aside from exercising, your diet also can help correct your posture. Ensure you eat a balanced diet with enough nutrients to promote healthy bones. Food such as milk, sardines, vegetables and nuts can help strengthen the bones to help you withstand your daily activities.
  • When sleeping, make sure the mattress proves firm enough for proper back support. Ensure it conforms with your body and does not strain your neck.
  • Check your shoes. If you feel it does not fit you right and you don’t get enough support, consider replacing them with a new one. Visit a podiatrist for assurance. He can provide you with suggestion for better shoes that fit you perfectly.

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