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How to Saw Wood with Back Saws

Saws which have a rigid brass, steel or sometimes even plastic back along the top edge of the blade are covered by another generic term – back saw. The back keeps the saw blade rigid, but also means that it cannot pass completely through the wood. The main difference between the two saws in this […]

How to Saw Wood with Curve-Cutting Saws

There are three main narrow-bladed hand saws used for cutting curves in wood the bow saw, the coping saw and the fret saw. A keyhole saw may also be used for making enclosed cuts. Bow saws are used for cutting gentle curves. They have a wooden frame with the blade tensioned by a twisted string. […]

How to Saw Wood with HandSaw

The word handsaw is a generic term covering the three main types of saw which are similar in appearance – cross­cut saw, panel saw and rip saw. All three have a thin flexible saw blade which is deeper at the shoulder (handle) end than at the toe end. The back of the blade is often […]