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Twitter is the latest in social networking. You can connect with friends, family and even use it to network for business. There are great aspects of Twitter that can help you get your ideas, products, information about your projects and thoughts out to everyone. You can post links to your other work and follow some of the most celebrated people in the world, visit this website to learn more about other blogging tools. People like Jay-Z, Ashton Kutcher, Gayle King, Paulo Coelho are all on Twitter. The fans can connect to their favorite celebrities and more. It’s just a great combination of technology, blogging, real time and access. Here is how you can use Twitter. Read on for more information.

Necessary Items:

  • Computer
  • Internet Access
  • A Twitter Account


Step 1

You will need to open up a new account. You can use the name of your business product or your real name. Consider what you will use the account for.

Step 2

Follow all your associates, friends and family that have Twitter accounts. Import your contacts from your email to find out who is already on Twitter. Next, decide who you want to follow you. Go after them as well. They are equally important. The same can also be said if you have an Instagram account. If you’re trying to figure out how to get more Instagram followers for your account. There’s plenty of companies such as where you can buy Instagram followers.

Step 3

Use Twitter daily to update your followers about what is going on with your product or website. You will start to build an interest in your projects, ideas and ventures. Be sure to tweet back when a follower sends you a tweet.

Step 4

Form a base of influential people and people who are interested in your brand. You can search out and follow people of  like mind and interest. You can even offer advice in a particular area, write quotes or more. The possibilities are endless.

Step 5

Make sure you are coming across as approachable and human. You can announce your favorite book, celebrity or movie. Run a trivia contest and get your followers to engage with you. You want them to feel like you appreciate their presence and you value what they have to contribute.

Suggestions & Ideas


  • Participate in #FF. This is called Follow Friday. Every Friday Twitter users suggest who they think is great people to follow. Put in your contribution and remember to add yourself.
  • You can choose who you follow by typing #Unfollowanyone
  • Make sure that if things get obnoxious or offensive that you block the account it is coming from.
  • You can send private messages by using the direct message option on Twitter. This is for things you want to say, but you don’t want to broadcast it so everyone can see. The only person that can see your DM is you and that person.

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