How to Use The Blackberry Storm

Are you ready to upgrade you cell phone. Have you thought about purchasing a smartphone? Smartphones are the most popular phones in telephone technology. The Blackberry is a favorite among them. If you have given in to the trend, and purchased your very first Blackberry Storm, then learning how to use it may be a little off putting at first.

This can also be a time of curiosity and excitement. There are features and applications you have left to discover. Since there are various aspects to your new Blackberry Storm, you will need to take a little time to get acclimated. Here are some simplified and easy tips on how to get started using your Blackberry Storm. Read on for more information.

Necessary Things:

  • Blackberry Storm


Step 1

Your phone comes with an owner’s manual. Read the manual. Find out where you basic functions are on the phone. It will explain software, buttons and ever shortcuts to make the process easier. If you have misplaced your Blackberry manual, then you can go online and use any search engine to look one up. Key in the phrase Blackberry Storm instruction manual.

    Step 2

    It’s ok to explore your new phone. Go ahead, play around. This can satisfy your curiosity. Look through the menu tabs, make mental notes of the programs listed and pay attention to how the phone functions. If you need to switch your options to customize the phone so it better suits your personal habits, then you should. You can add music, make the keys function according to your preferences and more. You can set them back to the default. Taking the initiative to search through the phone to get acquainted with it is the fastest method of learning how to work your new phone.

      Step 3

      Customize your new phone. These phones have various programs to assist you in creating a personal fit. You can add things like internet radio and you can download songs and the like. This requires a data plan.  You can always find free applications and downloads.

        Step 4

        Use the calendar on the phone. There are other options like the camera and video, tasks and more. You can also configure 10 emails via the Blackberry storm.

          Step 5

          Stay abreast about what is going in in the forums. You can interact and ask other Blackberry Storm members for their advice and experience. The Blackberry user base is wide. Everyone wants to know what the hottest and coolest toy is.

            Step 6

            Get a protective guard or case for Blackberry Storm. The touchscreen can be broken. Repairing or replacing this phone is not cheap.

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