How to Use Tattoo Transfer Paper

Tattoos are becoming more popular than ever before. People who love body ink say that after the first tattoo, it gets to be an addiction. While there is no real evidence to support that claim, most people who have tattoos always have more than one.  There are several ways to have a tattoo placed. Some artists will draw the tattoo free handed onto the surface of your skin.

In other ways, you can choose the tattoo you want and then use tattoo transfer paper to put the drawing onto your skin. The tattoo artist will then ink it in. This method of using transfer paper does not cause any pain or discomfort. It’s a simple procedure and is totally safe to the person who is getting a new tattoo. Here is how you can use transfer paper to outline a tattoo. Read on for more information.




Step 1


Make a copy of the picture selected for the tattoo. Draw the lines on the surface of the paper and pass it through a thermal fax or thermographic transfer maker. This will duplicate the picture exactly how it is show. Because it is an exact match, some refer to this as a carbon copy.


Step 2


Look at the final results. Show the person getting the tattoo the final picture of what the tattoo will look like. Have them approve of it before you begin to work. Make sure they understand that this is how the drawing will appear when applied to the surface of the skin. If any changes are to be made to the picture, then make the changes at this stage. Redraw and redo the copy. Re verify the changes before proceeding.


Step 3


Wet the skin slightly where you will need to put the transfer paper. Use some soap or deodorant.

Step 4


Apply the tattoo transfer paper to where you put the deodorant or soap. Press it onto the skin. Take care not to move the paper when you are pressing. If you do, the lines will blur and the transfer will have to be done again. You will need to take all the ink off completely if this happens to begin fresh.

Step 5


Place the carbon copy against the skin on the place where the tattoo will appear. Now, remove the transfer paper. When you remove the paper, you will notice that the lines have now been transferred onto the surface of the skin. Blue/purple ink is visible on the skin. This ink is not permanent. It will eventually wear or wash off.


Step 6


The person getting the tattoo needs to verify the place and size of tattoo is correct.


Step 7


Being to tattoo. Follow the lines from the transfer paper. Go to for tattoo care tips.

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