How to Use Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Office SharePoint. This is an Internet founded program that is used to exchange common data, share calendars, documents and more between many users that may not be in the same geographical location. This program can be used to build company intranet systems A business entity will be able to use SharePoint’s server to create and maintain a group of data that may include: HR documents, Hire Forms, Employee Reviews, multi department template forms marketing, accounting and other paperwork.

These can be organized in a simple and convenient method that allows all the employees to have access to all the pertinent documentation. There are also tutorials available for the first time uses. You can find and view these tutorials on the internet. Go to the Microsoft website to find more options to help you manage this system and give the users the support they need to get started and stay on track. Using Microsoft’s tutorials will give you hands on idea about how to run Microsoft Sharepoint as well as the SharePoint dashboards. Here is how you can use Microsoft Sharepoint for your business. Read on for more information.


Step 1

Log on to the Microsoft site. Go to the Microsoft SharePoint page and browse the options. Which option most fits your needs? Choose that option to learn about. The main page will have live links to the SharePoint product page and the frequently asked questions. You should pick the option that is most important at the moment. If, you are new to using Microsoft Sharepoint, then you should opt to read about installation and setup. Look up how you can place your information on the server.

Step 2

Find the Microsoft SharePoint demonstration.  You will need to watch the entire tutorial to get a grasp on how things work. It will give you mock uses and help you with the functions of SharePoint.

Step 3

Microsoft SharePoint has a slide show that highlights different convenient features and other important information. You can find out how to upload documents, how to create surveys and much more. These tutorials make it fast and easy to get started.

Step 4

Go to the SharePoint website after you have sat through the tutorials. When you want to start using SharePoint be confidant that you know have some experience using the program. The portal/ website is made with SharePoint technology. You can use this on your own now in your personal business setting.  Use the SharePoint portal to talk or write other, find lost or hidden documents, to read shared paperwork, view blogs and other things.

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