How to Use DVD Shrink

Nowadays, compressed domain transcoders have reached quite far from their relatively archaic counterparts. DVD shrink is one of transcoders programs that can re compress the DVD data within few minutes since it does involve encoding and decoding of the complete data or video file but only a portion of it.

The DVD ripper present in the DVD shrink provides DVD ripping facilities that make you to back up your favorite movies. One of the main reasons that attract us to get this is, it can easily fit the full movie on the usual sized DVD disc and hence it is widely used to slice the stuffs down to size as to sit on the disk. Here there are few tips that show you how to use a DVD shrink. If you want to shrink and back up a movie or files using DVD shrink software use this following method.

  • Firstly, download and install DVD shrink free software into your PC. Insert your DVD disc that you want to back up in your DVD drive and then open the DVD shrink program.
  • Then choose “Open disc” from the toolbar and select your DVD disc. Once you have done this, the DVD shrink analyzes your disc for few minutes. Once it is finished analyzing, it will show the break down form of the movie on your screen.
  • You can now start to shrink your movie so that it can easily fit on the average sized DVD by deselecting some scenes or audio tracks such as unfamiliar language sound tracks in the audio segment. Moreover, you can cut the unfamiliar language subtitles under the Sub picture segment.
  • The format conversion option can also employ for shrinking the back up files from DVD9 (8.54 gigabytes) and burning to DVD5 disc (4.70 gigabytes). One more shrinking option is a video compression technique that compresses the file to any one of the optional rank of compressions and this method helps to maintain the best quality of the movie.
  • Once you have finished the things to back up, click on the option “Backup” and this will save your back up file in the desired target folder. Then insert a blank DVD disc where you want to store back up and choose the option “ISO Image File” in the DVD shrink. Otherwise, choose “Hard Disk Folder” and then select a desired place of your hard disk to save the backup files. Then click “OK” and wait for few minutes to allow DVD shrink to create the ISO form of file.
  • Finally, close the DVD shrink and open any DVD burner program. Choose the folder where the backup file is saved and select your blank DVD as the output target then click the option “Burn”. Once the burning is over, explore the new DVD disc to check your back up files.

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