How to Use Copic Markers

Copic markers are Japanese-made markers which have been used for years by most of the professional designers around the globe. They are fast drying, refillable, double-ended markers existing in 322 colors. Possibly one of the premier excellence products on the market, since they are refillable and so flexible, eventually they confirm to be fewer pricey than other markers.

They are chosen for Architectural drawings, product interpretation, and other forms of engineering design. Also they are trendy amongst the pastime industries for exercise with models, stoneware and analogous projects. As they are alcohol based, also bendable; they are often used as a way to practice at home in Watercolor Flower Courses because they are very much like watercolor in function, but more convenient. All styles of the markers are available with two different nibs.

  • The nibs are changeable and there wider nibs for even, steady exposure to bigger areas, whereas the fine nib for effortless detail works. Combining copic markers with other rank pens and mixers creates various special effects. Here, there are few guidelines, which make you to know how to use copic markers to draw pictures attractively.
  • Firstly, get ready the essential resources required for your drawing this may include a blender marker, marker paper and other drawing resources needed for you drawing. Once the materials are ready, arrange the color palette that you desire to employ with the lightest marker.
  • Begin with drawing the outline of the picture by using the lightest marker and if you want to give shadows in you drawings use two shades of the identical color, a lighter and darker brown, for instance. Stippling the Copic marker is suggested to make texture or emphasize on a shape and this method is fine to draw the hair, uneven surfaces and other coarse objects.
  • If you need to draw some shapes then make use of the marker pens with the copic marker. When you are in the learning stage in drawings skills the stamping method will surely help you complete your drawing with many effects. Another way of using copic marker with pen is by adding line breaks and they will look nice when you use this for a house or image outlines. The breaks also make a relaxed and more real image.
  • Apart from drawing, the copic markers can be used for the lettering purposes also if you sue the right rub down transfers technique. At the beginning you can practice by drawing simple letters and then go for fancier fonts.
  • When you start lettering using copic marker, the multi linear pens can be used for the outlines. Employ a thicker line with the stable marker on the corners of the letter and make use of break or spotted lines.
  • Point up diagonal lines with a pen line. Obtain the white-colored pencil to adjoin diagonal white lines crosswise the letter and this will provide the letters with some highlights. Also, highlights can be made for boundaries and corners of the outline on your picture.

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