How to Use Capital Letters

The usage of capital letters in a correct manner is an art. It is important that the capital letters should be correctly used and bound to some important rules; otherwise the script looks unpleasant, and makes confusion in readers mind and sometimes leads to misunderstanding of the meaning. The capital letters in text is an art and it is easily cultivated through regular practice. Capital letters not only highlights that word and also make the reader to give special attention to that word as you can see in the custom labels Melbourne. In manuscripts the words may be written short and large. The large capitals are underlined by three lines where as small capitals under lined by two lines. The rules for how to use capital letters are simple.

The beginning word of the paragraph or sentence or a fragment must be in capital letter. The names of months of a year and days of the week are to be capitalized, but the names of the seasons are not to be written in capital letters. Always the names of the languages must be written in capital letters only, are careful with it; most of them are doing this common mistake.

  • However, the names of the discipline and school subject are not be capitalized unless the word is name of languages. The words which directly connects to the place then it is been express in capital, but these words are not necessary to capitalize when it happen to be a part of phrase and don’t give direct meaning to that place. Like the above, the words that label the nationalities and ethnic groups that word are to be capitalized.
  • Previously, black or white which refers to human beings, these are not capitalized but now these are capitalized since these words are ethnic labels. Always Proper names must be in capital, a proper name is the name which refers to a unique person or an individual place, or a unique institution or a unique event. The name of the unique historical periods to be capitalized.
  • The name of the festivals and sacred days to be capitalized. The name of the religion and its followers name are to be capitalized. The name of the divine beings and titles of important events are to be capitalized. The names of the sacred books must be capitalized. But, the name god should not be capitalized when it is pagan god.
  • The title or heading or name of the book, a poem, or a film each word should be capitalized. The beginning of quotation or someone else quotes should be capitalized but it must be a complete sentence. The brand names to be capitalized. Roman numerals are mostly capitalized. The pronoun I be capitalized.

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