How to Use Bump Keys

Bump key is the special type of key which easily fits to any type lock that it is usually used to open the locks. Criminals utilize this bump keys to open cylindrical and tumbler type design locks without tampering the locks. These bumping keys were in progress for past one decade so this is also one of the old techniques to open the locks.

Using the bumping is the simple process, but there is something needs to be known before going to this opening process. At first insert the bump key inside the keyhole, which you want to open, after this gently pulls back the key to one click. Then at this point give the slight pressure to the key and turn the key slightly, or pressing towards it, so that when tumblers get aligned it will not allow that to go back to its previous position.

  • At last gently blow the key with the handle of the screwdriver or with some small object while keep your pressure over key. If your key is properly carved then it is easy to open the lock. If the lock doesn’t open for long time, you are doing it wrong manner otherwise your key doesn’t cut properly.
  • Bump keys are the small devices to open the lock in easy manner. But now the Locks are not designed for these bump keys cut pattern. The key has to be carved out in the proper manner that is the front slope of the bump key not to be too steep, then the key won’t properly enters the lock key hole.
  • If you cannot take your key smoothly from the lock, sometimes it will get stuck inside the lock. When you encounter this, then you have to call professional locksmith services to get back the key. You may also contact a vehicle locksmith or car locksmith if car keys went missing. Gippsland locksmiths are highly recommended by the locals. Bump keys are another type of lock picks so having lock pick is illegal means then bump keys are also illegal, so if there is necessary to have bump key means have it otherwise don’t have it.
  • If you want to perform these bump key technique to open the lock means perform it the open door locks, if bump keys mistakenly jammed means you can attempt to remove the key by dismantle the lock, if it is performed in the locked doors without experience then you have to carry the pain and loss.

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