How to Use an iPod Mini

The iPod mini is a version of regular iPod. It is smaller in size and less expensive. It was introduced in the year 2004. The mini iPod is designed as digital audio player as all iPods. Apple Inc marketed this product. Nowadays, the iPod mini model is stopped and later new models known as the iPod Nano replace it. Although, it is still in use if the iPod is in working condition.

For using the iPod Mini in Macintosh computer, you need

  • 6-pin 400 port Fire Wire
  • 4.2 iTunes or upcoming
  • A Macintosh with fire wire built-in
  • Mac OS X v0.15 or later.

For Windows computer, you need

  • Windows PC with higher processor speed or 500 MHz speed.
  • Windows 2000 with 4 Service Pack, or windows XP Professional or Home.
  • 4.2 iTunes or upcoming
  • IPod software
  • Fire Wire card of 6-pin type built in installed, or a USB 2.0 port high-power built-in or a card of USB 2.0 with high-power installed.


  • Attach the mini ipod to the power adaptor of iPod by using dock connector to the fire wire cable for charging the battery. For an hour the battery gets charged up to 80% and within four hours it gets fully charged.
  • For software installation: put the CD of iPod mini into your pc and install the iPod software and iTunes.
  • To your pc import music: if you are not already consists of music in your computer then finish this step. You can have music from your CDs, or you can buy and download the music online by using the store of iTunes music if the internet connection is available.
  • Import music to the computer by an audio CD: put a CD into your pc. Automatically iTunes opens and select the CD from the source list of iTunes. Don’t need to transfer the unchecked songs then click import.
  • Connect iPod to pc using any one of the cables provided. Make sure that the cable connector’s ends are correctly oriented.
  • After completion of song transfer disconnect the iPod mini from computer. To remove cable from ipod squeeze the dock connector both sides.

IPod mini controls:

  • By using the click wheel chooses the button to move through the onscreen menus, change settings, view information and play songs.
  • To high point a menu item lightly moves your thumb around the wheel. For selecting an item push the select button. To go to the menu click menus on click wheel.
  • The controls can be made inactive by pressing the hold switch to hold when you are taking the mini iPod in the bag.

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