How to Use an Inversion Table

In this modern age many people suffer from back pain. People work by just sitting in a single place for hours and hours together and this leads to back pain. Inversion table is a therapy that is famous for treating spinal traction. And this therapy is in existence for more than 2 thousand years.

It means hanging your body upside down. When you hang your whole body up side down your spine can be stress free and can cure you back pain. Since the spine is stretched all the stress that it had will begin to ease off. It can be adjusted to various angles. But it does not mean that you completely hang up side down. Many people around the world prefer partial inversion therapy. Just hanging in a little inverted position say twenty to thirty degrees can reap good benefits for your body pain.

  • When you start to use it later you can gradually increase the degree to even 60. Well, you may have back pain but it is not that you have to live with that pain for the rest of your life. Using an inversion table can work wonders with your back pain. This kind of exercise will reverse the effects of your back pain. Any kind of activity that dominates only one side of your body like playing golf or tennis or carrying a baby on your right side can cause back problems.
  • You must not be afraid of using an inversion table. First if you have a back problem you must consult a physical therapist and a doctor to find whether the inversion tables can be used. If you are allowed to use an inversion table then choose the right kind of table, which suits you. Then sit on the table and secure your ankles in a way that it cannot slip away making yourself comfortable.
  • Many of the table’s advice you to wear your shoes but it can be really uncomfortable so you can wear your socks and lay on the table. The key here is patience, do not rush and try to do quickly as it can hurt you. If you rush the first time then the increased and decreased alone flow to your brain can lead to blackening out. It needs some practice to make you familiar with the inversion table.
  • Most of the inversion tables can be used easily by just using your hands for moving your body up and down. Invert your body slowly using your hands and you will have a huge rush of blood to your brain for the first time. Again slowly get up because getting up too quickly can cause you to black out. For the first few days do it slowly then once you are comfortable with it you can practice quickly.

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