How to Use an iPod Shuffle

The iPod shuffle is a storage device and it is an audio track player. The iPods shuffle provides music, store data files, audio books and pod casts. The iPod works along with the software of apple iTunes in order to synchronous the audio files of the computer to the iPod with the help of USB port. It is fully portable because of longer battery life and smaller in size. You no need to carry the AC adapter since charging can be done through USB.


Charging the ipod:

  • Plug the USB cable of iPod shuffle to the computer through the USB port.
  • Plug the USB cables other end to your earphone of iPod shuffle. On some other models, the USB ends seem as a small docking station.
  • Verify that the iPod power button is fixed to OFF, then verify the iPod status light. If the light is in green color it means it is completely charged. Orange implies it is charging. If there is no light means verify whether the cable of USB is directly plugged to the USB port of computer.

  • Leave the iPod after connected to the computer for charging. For first charging, it needs three hours to get fully charged. In computer the iTunes launch automatically once it finds the presence of iPod or to launch it you can click the application. You can also include music to your iPod when it was charging.


  • In the panel of iTunes verify the iPod shuffle status. If it displays a circle with the arrows rotating adjacent to the name of iPod shuffle, this implies that the iPod is synching. Till you view the eject button adjacent to the name you don’t do anything and no warning for disconnecting.
  • At the right of iPod shuffle icon press the eject button.
  • Disconnect the USB cables from the ipod shuffle and the computer.

Playing Tracks:

  • Press the connector of earphones to iPod shuffle jack.
  • Switch ON the power button and click play in the control button center.
  • For adjusting the sound use the – sign and + sign volume buttons. While playing to move between the tracks press the next or previous button.
  • Play the songs in which order they are downloaded to ipod shuffle or you can play as you like by adjusting the slider button near to the power button. This button location varies for different model
  • During playing, the music is paused by forcing the center button of the control. To remove the pause presses the button again.

To shut down or to make the connection between iPod shuffle and computer switch off the power button.

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