How to Use an External Hard Drive

The need for the external hard drives is getting bigger and bigger by the day. People who frequently use and change computers will have need for backing up their files. Files like pictures, videos, music, documents and other important stuffs can be backed up using these external hard drive.

It is a very good medium for backing up our data. The external hard drives are nothing but a hard disk, which is not built in with the computer but can be connected to the computer using the provided USB. One of the benefits of external drives is that it gives you capacity for storing extra -data. There are many models available in the market from the various brands. Some brands offer guarantee and even discounts to some of high end models.

  • This is a great solution especially for the business and computer related people who are in need of backing up their files. The process of using these external hard drives is quite easy. First of all you must determine the number of files or the space you want to back up. This clearly is dependent on the file sizes and the money that you want to spend. But if you are not completely clear or have any doubt in determining the size then it is always safe to talk with the sales professional.
  • After consulting about it then you can go ahead for purchase. Finally after purchase in that box there will be a users’ manual, which has clear information about the hard drive and its features. Generally using an external hard drive is easy and after reading the instructions manual it makes it even easier but though here is the step – by – step process for use of an external hard drive.
  • First the power chord has to be plugged in with a power outlet. In case of a large external drive you have to plug the chord directly into the outlet since they consume more power. After plugging the chord you have to connect the hard drive with the computer using a high-speed cable. But now a day’s most of the external hard drives come with the USB connecting option.
  • The latest USB 2.0 facilitates speedy transfer of files which was not possible in the older version of the USB. After installing the external hard drive the computer will show a message showing that the installation was successful which means that the USB was connected correctly.
  • Then you have to check whether the new drive is working well or not. For testing it you can create a sample folder on the external hard drive and transfer a sample file to it. From the external hard drive tries to open the file that was transferred and if it opens then your test is successful.

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