How to Use a Tube Turkey Call

The tube turkey call is one of the most famous callers for many popular wild turkey hunters. The tube turkey can virtually produce the sound of any wild turkeys and with the help of the turkey call the hunter can call the wild turkeys from their hiding places and hunt them, another easier way will be using thermal scopes you can buy at It will be in the form of a small hollow tube with a latex band placed to coat one half of one end of the tube. Sounds such as gobbles, clucks, cackles, yelps and purrs are mimicked by this turkey calls.

Right now, there are various types of turkey calls available to replicate the different tongues of wild turkeys and the perfect hunters have to learn how to use because it is difficult to predict which type of sound a wild turkey will react to on any known day. It doesn’t a matter whether you are a hunter or just like to play around; it is very easy to learn how to use a tube turkey call.

To use a tube turkey call, you have to place your lower lip on the lower edge of the latex reed and then place your upper lip to the tube’s top half in such a way it should overlaps from the mouthpiece to the body of the tube. Just think of having a drink directly from the jug.

The next thing is blow some air out and say a word “shuck” or “tick” to check whether you are getting the sound of the turkey or not. If not, you may not have placed your lips properly and try to change the positioning of your lips by blowing continuously until you get the sound of the turkey. You need to put different words into the tube turkey to get the different wild turkey’s sound.

For example, you require to say ‘tooka-tooka’ to get the guzzle sound that is very sensible and can make you sound like a real wild turkey; the clucking sounds can be formed by saying the word “hut” or “what” and so on. When you call, the latex must be adjusted properly then only you can get the rough and variety of sounds also you can include a little jaw stroke to get your turkey calls more sensible.

Most of the time the wild turkeys respond to others at any times and hence you have to come prepared to make a variety of turkey call sounds when you are hunting and you make sure that you alone hunting otherwise the call of the tube turkey may mistake the other hunters to shoot in your direction. To use this device properly, you need to practice more, spend some time to study the sounds of the wild turkey makes and learn theirs habits since they use different sounds based on their action.

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