How to Keep Running in Sand

Many of us keep on saying that we can’t run over the sand. In fact running in the sand is quite a difficult and a tough challenging job. Though it’s being tough and difficult still there are possibilities to make it happen. People keep on telling that it is difficult and only few go for the try, check out the following steps to make it possible. One cannot run in sand as in the normal ground. But still there are possibilities.

  • Any shoes with regular patterns can be used for running. As shoes are very important for running which prevents from getting hurt from any hard or sharp surfaces.

  • Before running in full swing just make you warm so that it makes running in continuous flow without much stops due to breathe and thirst. So before starting it keep warming up your body. However it is very difficult to run in the sand and it is some time dangerous too. Stretch your body completely as it warms all joints and ends. Much pressure is required because just keeping the feet in the sand; half of the feet gets inside the sand so easily. And so more pressure is needed to take the feet down from the sand and then again have to step forward and continue running. Achilles is made to undergo lots of pressure as it gets lowered into the sand.  Keep practicing this before running at a stretch because it may result in getting wound or sores.
  • Two kinds of soils are being experienced in running they are the hard-pack and soft-pack soils. The sand which is present at the higher level from the water surface is called as the soft-pack sand. One which is nearer to the level of water is called as hard-pack sand. Differentiating between these two is very easy as the soft -pack is light in its weight.
  • Keep digging your toes into sand at once you land to make yourself to run in the soft-sand.
  • You have to run in a pattern so that it will look as such you are going to fall in the ground in forward arrangement direction leaning towards your front. Keep kicking the toes inside.
  • Keep kicking your toes little less in the case if you are going to run on the hard-sand. Other things are similar as in the case of soft-sand.
  • Always keep an eye towards the dangerous obstacles such as manmade barriers, boulders, rocks and many steep and hard environments.

With these points you can start running in the sand.

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