How to Use a Search Engine

In the recent decade, the world has become addicted to computer and internet. And almost every person use internet to gather information for his or her needs. And Search Engine has become the most important tool in gathering that information. So it is necessary to know the basics of search engine and how to use it effectively.

There are lots of internet directories and search engines available and some of the popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, LookSmart, Excite, HotBot. Many popular search engines are also known as ‘Internet Portals’ as they provide lots of popular services for the regular internet user.

And these are some of the useful tips you should go through for effective use of it:

You can type whatever you want to know in the search box of the search engine and click “ENTER”, and the search engine will show you more than hundreds of results for the relevant words. And sure you will definitely get what you are looking for.

The basic things to keep in mind are:

  • Every words entered in the search box will be considered.
  • The search words are case insensitive.
  • There is ignorance of punctuation and special characters.

Things to do for making your search successful are:

GO UP WITH SIMPLE WORDS: Make your search with simple words as like if you are searching for information about a college, just type the name of it. And if you are searching for an exacting concept, etc just start with its name.

USE WORDS INTELLIGENTLY: Search engines are program, which matches the words entered in the web pages, and they are not human beings. So use the words, which are possibly to occur on the web pages. Don’t type very huge line in the search box; instead go for the short and brief words which will end you up with the right web page which you are looking for.

LIMITING TO FEW TERMS: The aim of every words in the query is to go nearer to the information which you are looking. If you use many words, it will restrict the search and you will miss lots of useful information. The search should be started with few keywords because it may or may not end up with what you need but it will show those results which will be a good signal of what extra words should be added for filtering your results on next search. For example ‘one Euro’ is the plain way to find the equivalent value of one euro to US dollar and it will provide better outcomes than ‘what is the equivalent value of one euro to one US dollar’.

OPT EXPLANATORY WORDS: You will get the related results which you needed if the words are more unique. And try to avoid those words which are not much descriptive like address, school, area, and cell phone. For example ‘George W. Bush’ is more specific and descriptive than ‘Bush’

These are the tips to take down and save your time in searching through search engine. Happy browsing!

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