How to Use a Rotary Table

It is one of the basic components for performing machine operations. They are used for performing straight cuts which are very neat in most of the materials. These are not that efficient for the curved surfaces, for cutting circular holes, by boring and drilling. There are certain things which you would require to perform this task, they are as follows. The rotary table, test bars, hammer, machine which is capable of fitting the rotary table, the tail stock, the wrench etc.

  • The first step is to mount rotary table on the table, (i.e. the milling the table which is used to hold the rotary table here). Depending on the requirement the rotary table can be fixed either in a horizontal or even in the vertical position. If the rotary table happens to be in the vertical position, the dial indicator should be positioned to spindle. Then measure the back of the table correctly while moving the other milling table, in they direction. In this stage using the hammer, align the rotary table with the milling table in the y-axis.

  • Now tighten the hardware placed in the rotary table. For some of the cases you will need a tail stock, mount it properly to milling table. The centers of both rotary table and the milling table should be aligned well and properly. This should be the case for the vertical positioning. Then place the test bar in a way such that it is placed between tail stock and that of rotary table, using the spindle measure both the horizontal and the vertical linings. This can be done, when the bar moves in x direction. Once it is well aligned, fix it tightly.
  • If the work would require same cuts in many places, then it is better to look for index plates. It will greatly reduce the work of the people. It would make it possible for us to make similar cuts in regular distances. The index plates, the handle would replace the handles of rotary table.
  • After finishing all these things the work piece is fixed between both tail stock and rotary table simply. The work piece can be worked on with the help of rotary table. It can be used to drill holes in the flange. It can also be used to cut difficult curves, straight line cuts, to have arcs etc. the best possible method is to script the work, before you do it.
  • This will let you know, what you want before you perform it. Always follow the safety measures as you are dealing with some sharp components. The tools would result in serious damages if used carelessly. If you are a beginner, then it is advised to learn these things with a well-trained person.

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