How to Train a Dog to Stay at Home

It is a pretty accepted fact that pets are adorable. But among all these pets the most endearing are the dogs.  Maybe that is the reason a dog is a man’s sweetest animal possession. They can carry out chores that other pets cannot. Plus, apart from that they are extremely playful in habit. And thus are also into the security and entertainment industry. But before you expect your dog to fall under that criterion you need to train it first. This may take time, but then again, no pain no gain!

The finest place to start off with is to teach your dog to remain at home. Some people prefer to take their dog to a dog boarding service so that they won’t be alone. This is specially helpful if you will be away for an extended period of time, or if the alone time seems to be disagreeing with your dog considerable. You’ll be able to tell, as dogs are excellent communicators. A few tips below can help you with this first step towards a good relationship with your dog.

  • As children require love and attention from their parents likewise, so do your pets. Provide your dog with an affectionate environment to grow in. Show him that you care. This way he would learn to trust you and would also learn to respect you. This would also make him to listen to you more obediently. Just don’t spoil him in the process. Show concern, but with a firm tone of voice.
  • Give him the feel of home. Make him realize where his home is and that he is family to you. Once he understands and familiarizes himself with you he will begin to pick up things. That is the time from where to begin dog training.
  • Start teaching your dog to remain at home at an early age. You do not want him to pick up habits of excessive biting, barking, digging, and chewing from stray dogs outside. Make him learn to stay back alone when you are out of house without misbehaving.
  • Spend time with your dog or maybe you could confine yourself with him for some time in one of the rooms of the house. You might also use a pen where you could keep him. Teach him to stay in that pen quietly when you are not around. He might bark after you when the first time you leave him but do not pat him then. He has to learn to be on his own. Repeat this several times a day until he gets used to being on his own.
  • As he gets used to it, begin to increase the time period over which you leave him alone.
  • Pat him and show gestures of encouragement if he stays quite inside the pen. But if he gets stubborn and starts barking then remember, apart from a friend you are his master as well.  Tell him ‘No’ if he disobeys. Another important thing is to talk to your dog. Tell him that he would only be allowed out if he quietly stays back in.
  • Before leaving him in the pen alone ensure that he has food, fresh water, blanket, toys etc all within reach. Continue this for several days until he begins to get confident about staying back alone.
  • Take your dog for a walk or play with him in the park to help him feel unignored after a long confinement.

This would ensure your bond with your pet and will also help him grow up as a well behaved dog, click this link here now to learn more about dog-related trainings and behaviors.

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