How to Train a Dog to Respect People

Human beings happen to be the most superior and complex of God’s creation. His ability to think, process his thoughts and carry out logical actions puts him on the highest rank among all his fellow creatures. Hence, it is right full to say that it is man’s duty to maintain peace and order with other creatures around, respect them and care about them as they are lower than him. And if does not happen to be the case then man is not worthy of any respect coming from that who are his equal.

Respect is always a two-way crossing. It comes your way only when the other end receives it equally. So, in order to teach your dog to respect other humans and fellow dogs as well it is important for you establish a good healthy connection with your pet. Shower him with love and care and try giving all the time and attention he demands. I am sure nobody would disagree with this as nobody wants to be neglected or treated harshly themselves, so, why not with the dogs too.

Never treat your dogs inhumanely. Do not kick, shout or punish them if you want them to respect you and all the other people around. If they misbehave, instead of punishing, give up any treats or praises that you generally throw out their way. This is because like us humans, dogs also tend to feel and retain in memory what people do not treat them good. An alternative way could be to make your dog learn simple steps and rules like ‘sit’, ‘go’, ‘fetch’ etc.

Make sure that all time your dog knows who the boss is but at the same time maintain a certain level of respect too and to do this you can start of by separating your meals and that of his. Feed him after you and your family have eaten and at place that is a little away from your dining place just so that it remains clear to your dog that you are the higher authority and that both you are not equals.

Likewise, it’s a habit of dogs to jump and lick you as a way of their greeting. Tell your dog to sit instead of lick you from head to toe. You can then let them settle beside you before patting them to let them know that such a behavior by them is considered likable by you.

Being consistent about rules and regulations that you put up for your dog like not climbing the bed or keeping the house clean while training can also help your dog clarify that it is actually a master and follower relation between the two you. As mentioned above your approval and praise would on his good behavior and ignorance on misconduct will certainly help maintain the respect for you and all the other people around.

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