How to Train a Dog to High five

Well, somewhere on the lines we all love animals. I mean, who would not want a submissive, playful dog as a best buddy or a good natured cat as a playmate. So the finest way to start off with a healthy tie with your pet is to train it to do tricks or chores that other pet owners train their pets with. Here, in this article, the particular pet brought to subject is a dog. You could teach your dog errands starting from fetching the newspaper to respecting people, and from playing with you to obeying rules. If you’re ready to start training your dog with the help of a professional trainer, click here.

Ever tried teaching your dog to giving you a high five? No? You mean you have been missing on all the fun with your pet? But come on, it is never too late. Training a dog for high fiving is very similar to the one you and your buddies share every day. In fact it is the coolest trick that your dog and you would both take pleasure in. If you do not how it is done, then here’s how.

  • Before you start off, keep in mind that training is a patient process, especially when it comes to training animals. Dogs pick things quickly but only if you are an enthusiastic trainer. So the best way through is to prepare treats or rewards for every successful move. This, for one, would strengthen your relationship and two, would accelerate the learning pace.
  • Begin by giving your dog a greeting or a handshake. If he refuses then that is where to give off your first treat to him. If he begins to offer his paw then convey out the command ‘shake’. This would make him make a mental note that offering the paw is termed as shake. By this you are also helping him link your oral command with the related action.
  • Repeat the procedure several times and between the lessons do not overlook rewards every time for a successful accomplishment. Or gestures like rubbing his neck or patting its back along with appreciative words like ‘There you go, champ’ with every flourishing move. This would really encourage your dog.
  • Once your dog ace’s handshake, teach him how to high five. Now it is important here that you show him a proper distinction between the two. Place your palm in line with the dog’s face. Proper implementation of actions is necessary so as not to confuse your pet.  Again speak out the word high five as you lift your palm so as for him to get accustomed to the command.
  • Practice the procedure several times in a way that your dog tries to aim and make it to your hand. Give out a treat every time he reaches your hand and pet him encouragingly.
  • Once your dog gets the idea try giving out the command between distractions. This would strengthen his grip to your command and also improve his communication skills.

High five is another way of developing understanding, respect and communication with your dog. Similarly other things you may like to teach your dog is to fetch the newspaper every morning, guard the house, play with the kids including games like ‘follow the leader’, ‘Simon says’ etc. You might also prepare your dog for dog shows and much more. But remember, all this requires a healthy bond between the two.

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About the Author: Fred Goodson has a passion for pets and animals. He has 4 dogs and is planning to have another one. He is also a blogger who writes about pets and animals. Currently, he is living in New Jersey.

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