How to Tile a Shower

Bathroom is the important place in your home which helps you in keeping you good looking and refreshing all the day. Without taking a shower bath in a day, you could not feel relax from your work loads. It helps you in keeping your mind and body fresh and sound for the entire day. You need to properly design your shower bathroom for its long working. Putting tiles for shower bathroom makes it better to take bath there.

Tiles help your bathroom by giving them a great look for visitors and it increases overall good values of home. By putting tiles, you can avoid the attacks of certain algae to get deposited over the walls of bathroom. It will also help in keeping your bathroom in a good condition for a long time. But putting tiles in bathroom is not a simple job as you think. It is somewhat tricky to put tiles in bathroom because you need to consider many things.

The floor should be first comfortable to stand and have bath. It should be water proofed and there should be a proper slope like structure for drainage facility. The following tips will help you in putting tiles to your bathroom in a great manner.

You should install the shower in a proper location which should be supported with flush for drainage purposes. You can make use of PVC pan liner for drying water by removing upper half part of drain. You can use galvanized nails to fix the liner at the walls by placing them around shower pan. Relax the liner into pan and you should not give any stress on them. There may be chance of occurrence of folding in the corners and also place pan liner so that it will overlap on shower curb.

Now you have done the facilities for proper drainage management by preparing the floor. You have to make a hole directly over drain hole in pan liner after installing the pan liner. Then again install top half portion of drain and then adjust it by bolt. There will be three weep holes which you can see in drain, place smaller pieces of tiles or galvanized nail into them.

Now everything is ready and you can place stones and cement for making the floor. Get the stones of fixed size and mix them with cement, sand and water. Then put the mixture into the floor area so that it should cover the whole bathroom. Then allow them to dry for 24 hours. The next day, you can place tiles over them by keeping the tiles straightly and tightly with the help of cement.

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