How to Stop a Common Cold

The common cold is one of the frequent diseases that hit most of us in a period of time. It’s not a big disease but it makes us to overcome some difficult symptoms like soar throat, sneezing, headaches. There are many kinds of treatments for the common cold disease yet it’s more likely to affect most of us. The following are some of the tips to overcome the difficulties of the common cold.


The main remedy is Rest! Rest! Rest! Taking rest is indeed a difficult thing to an extent for some people, and the rest can cope up with it. You will feel very bored of taking rest but do take lot of rest. The rest would give your body strength to face the cold, and we can avoid spreading it to others. The common cold would spread freely; try to be as clean as possible.

Cleanliness is very important; wash your hands, bed, and blankets daily to keep away the gems from your environment .By doing so you can avoid new infections. Make use of a hand kerchief to sneeze and keep others safe from being infected.

Drink a lot of juices and hot water, it keeps your body hydrated and improve the troubles like sore throat and headaches. Drink purified and boiled water as it would be free from germs .It also raises the metabolism activities and make you to sweat and urinate the toxins from your body regularly. Have chicken soup as it is a good remedy.

Take medicines only if you really need it (when you feel difficult to breath). Vitamin C would help to increase your immune and your cold can be overcome. Take vitamin C tablets to a little extent.

Have shower in hot water as it helps in removing the nasal congestion. Keep your hair dry. Don’t ever smoke cigarettes as it worsens the cold by weakening your immune system. Use zinc nasal sprays to reduce congestions and fight the cold. Zinc is a good medicine for the common cold. Honey and lemons are good remedy for the common cold. Add a little honey in lemon juice and have it to reduce headaches and throat problems. Use a warm bed, the above said honey with lemon can reduce the nasal .congestion

Avoid blowing your nose regularly, do it once in a while. Blow your nose without closing any one nostril. Have a check on your body’s temperature regularly, if your body temperature seems to be reducing follow the same things, instead if it keep on climbing it’s better to consult with a doctor.

In case of taking medicines, use only proper medicine that is being prescribed by the doctor. Avoid taking medicine on your own if you are not cent percent sure.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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