How to Tie a Neckerchief

Mostly the people in hot area feel the hot sun and they are feeling very tired and sturdy. Due to the hot weather, they will be sweating for the whole day. In order to protect them from sun, they used to tie neck kerchief around their necks to safeguard their necks from hard sweating. This will help them in reducing the pain over the hot sun.

People have different habitat, attitude, habits, cultures, environments, etc. This is due to their living place and surroundings. The climate changes from one place to another all the time. This is due to the variation in seasons in all the parts of the world. Some area of the world will be hot, some may be cold and some may be in a medium condition. The people living near the equatorial line feel very hot due to the hot sun for a whole day.

On the other hand, people living faraway place from the equatorial line feel very cold due to the absence of sun for an entire day. There may not be chances of looking at the sun for some days. Due to the change in weather pattern all over the world, there are different kinds of people and their daily activities are also changing periodically.

Neck kerchiefs help to protect you from the hot sun by protecting your necks from direct exposure to sun. Your skin gets darken due to the direct sun rays. If you cover your necks by kerchiefs you can prevent your necks from getting dark. This will also help you in keeping you relax.

Neck kerchiefs are also used when you go for horse riding or any other riding process. It will protect you from other outside objects from attacking you. Most of the children used to wear neck kerchiefs during their fancy dress competitions. Mostly rangers used to have neck kerchiefs around their neck. It is actually their tradition to wear them around their necks during horse riding or doing any other outdoor activities.

The process of putting neck kerchiefs is very simple. First take a rectangle shaped kerchief. Then fold it into half in the diagonal position. Then wound the kerchief in that direction until you get the single fold of the kerchief. Once you reached this position, stop the process and then place it around your neck by removing the clothes near your neck.

Place it correctly around your neck. The center positions are most suitable and see whether you placed it in a right position. Then check whether it is having equal length on both the sides of your neck. If it is not equal, then adjust it and make it equal.

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