How to Snowboard

Snowboarding is a mouth watering, adventurous sport. There is also huge amount of risk involved in it. It would be very nervous to snowboard down the hill for the first time. It’s highly recommended that you do not try anything down the hill without an expert trainer.

Before starting to snow board wear helmets that perfectly suits you, it shouldn’t move while you board. Wear boots that is of your size perfectly. That boots must be tight as they are very important to have a good grip of the snowboard. Go for a long pair for socks, use only one pair as a couple of pair would lead to tightening of your boots with the legs.

Chose your lead or dominant feet, there is no rule for this. Just like playing soccer, you can choose the either one.  You can change the dominant foot when ever you feel like doing it. Put your dominant foot on the leading binding and the one in the backward and fasten them. Then use the lift and go to the top of the hills. Begin with the practice hills which give you slow speed for the beginners.

Give a little pressure using the dominant leg and bend your knees and keep the back straight so that you can balance well. You can slow down by giving little pressure to the heel or edge of the toe. The snow board would simply follow the body of the person who does the snow boarding. So you have to balance it well with your whole body. While you are trying to turn, slow down the speed and give little pressure to the toe edge. You cannot turn the snow board with high speed. The important thing about turning is to slow down and then start turning. Turn your torso and apply pressure using the legs.

As said earlier snowboarding is not an easy sport, series training sessions are meant to be done and they must be done only with proper assistance of the trainer. Alquiler snowboard baqueira at not skate without knee pads and helmet. You are bound to fall many times and it will happen for sure, so be prepared with dressings and persevere. Do not wear jeans for snowboarding as it would be frozen .while you are falling down, bent as low as possible to reduce the effects.

Wear wrist bands as they are protective. Do go for snowboard only places where it is being recommended during the beginning stages. Don’t get lost in the mountain alone; always go for snowboarding with companions, (i.e. anyone to help you out). Also try to cover your body to keep you as warm as possible.

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