How to Teach Preschoolers Smoking Prevention

Today is a modern world where values and behaviors are changing drastically. Consistent advancement in the field of science and technology has left almost no room for the conservative ideas to live their will in this modern world. Old methods and fashions are forgotten by now and nobody pays them attention.

Although the youth of this ‘Hi-fi’ world is becoming more and more daring, however with the passage of time a great void is created in their moral values. I hope everybody remembers the news of a 2-year old smoker. This is just horrible and pathetic to see that the thing which is forbidden is becoming more and more pleasurable.

I gave this example to emphasize the section of our society which is going to be affected by these changes is the one in whose hands is the future of this world. They are our hope. The young people are too innocent to evade the impact of this dirtiness of the present era on their personalities and lives. It is just too early for them to experience such filth. They are just like copycats. They usually copy what they see others do. Kids today are in sheer need of role models, the people having good morals and values. And this is a very big problem in today’s world where freedom has taken a very uncomfortable niche and people don’t know the real meaning of what freedom is and what should be its limits. If this goes on without any check, it is going to create havoc for our future societies.

So, the cure of this problem lies in the fact that children learn very fast between 5-11 years of age. Parents should start telling their children the pros and cons at the very early stage of their lives. This is a way to curb their curiosity about a certain thing as they would already know the outcome. That’s fair and square, no offense against the so called ‘freedom’.

I propose following steps with the help of which we can prevent the preschoolers from smoking:

1.            Parents should make sure that they should not smoke in front of their children and I would prefer parents shouldn’t do that at all. In this way an example will be set and children will follow. Moreover parents should explain the harmful effects of smoking on health, alertness and the activity. More and more smokers have been switching to Myle Dubai devices. These precautionary measures have another great advantage. The preschooler relates the same things to his fellows and an environment is created, ‘a smoke free environment’.

2.            Moreover, parents should continuously ask their children about what they learnt about the effects of smoking. In this way they will keep the effects in mind and will never be as curious to smoke. Moreover, as we often see parents overload their children by telling those ‘astonishing’ outcomes of doing a certain thing, meeting a professional in this regard is better as he/she will only tell those facts against smoking which a child can absorb. Parents should also seek help from the people who used to smoke. They would better guide them to the path of ‘salvation’.

3.            And finally I would say that parents should guide their children in a way that the children should not feel any discomfort. Parents should remain loving, should not overburden their children and should answer all their children’s curious questions with proper reasons. These measures will ensure bright and prosperous future of their children.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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