How to Discuss our Long-Distance Phone Service

Being the customers of a telephone service company we have the chance of negotiating with the company over the long distance phone service. This discussion is necessary when we actually don’t have the exact financial status in order to meet the service payment. Hence we can go for a discussion with the company regarding the service and we could reduce the payment as low as possible. In order to perform negotiation we have to follow the steps listed in this article.

The first step is our home work. We have to do certain preparations before we go into negotiation with the company. We must be aware of our actions. We must appear as a well civilized individual. The company should have an adult like conversation with us. We being a civilized person will give a free mind and environment towards preparing ourselves over the conversion for reducing the cell phone bills. We have to show some respect in order to get some.

We have to have a sound knowledge regarding the company’s policies and their technical terms. This is because of the fact that the company uses such jargons and technical terms over the unexpected customers since they believe that a customer wouldn’t be aware of these terms and it is easy for the company to win their argument. In most of the cases this becomes true. In case we are well aware of the details then we can easily have an upper hand over the conversation. Hence it is necessary to go prepared to the company over its terms and conditions involving the technical terms.

We should always be aware of the control of the power in the conversation. We should not let them to have this control for and long time or use this control to create an atmosphere which will lead us to get sucked. We have to be always aware of the situation and when we notice something wrong we should be in the good conversation to overcome it. This will help us to develop our own strength towards beating them.

We should be aware of certain tricks and tactics with which will be our advantage. Certain leverages which are most often used are “thinking about transferring to another cell phone company” and the other one is “request before your payment”. The first one can be used in case there is other go and the conversation is not going as we expected. The second one can be used in case when our trick goes on and we expect something more.

Negotiating or bargaining with the cell phone company will help us in saving some income but it’s based on probability and our win is not sure always. We always be prepared for any rejection and we should not give up at any time.

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