How to Soothe Teeth Pain with a Toothbrush

Is your baby undergoing the process of teething? Teething is one of the most painful times your baby experiences while growing up. You little angel may feel ache or pain because of the new erupting teeth. In addition to pain, some babies may also suffer with other symptoms of teething such as fever and loose bowels. Mothers can take care of their baby’s teething pain by using several methods but it’s up to the mother to study the signals his baby give about the pain as the baby himself can’t speak yet. Several methods are available to treat the pain during teething, which one is best? It’s up to the mother to check which method relieves the baby. If the pain continues to exist, your baby would cry and you may need to consult with a general dentist or bring him to a pediatric dentist for professional dental procedures like tooth extraction, teeth cleaning, etc.

To reduce the pain mother can give cold drink (e.g. shakes) or a banana to relive the pain. The coldness will also make the gums of the baby numb and hence pain will be relieved. To relieve the pain, the mothers must turn to home-made remedies as babies are too young to take pain killers. Some tips which might be helpful are given below:

1.            Distract your baby and keep him busy in other activities. One best thing could be something which your baby can use to chew on e.g. teeth rings. Cold teeth rings cannot only distract the baby but will also relieve the pain for short while by numbing the gums. While using tooth rings, mothers should ensure that the ring is not broken or else your baby could swallow the liquid stored inside the ring. You can also keep them busy with other toys to distract them from the pain of teething.

2.            Toothbrush can also be sued to soothe the teething pain. Buy a brush for your baby and let him play with that. When the baby chews on the brush, the bristles would urge them to rub their brush on their gums. Introducing your baby to the brush will make it easier for them to develop the habit of regularly using them. If you have an electric philips sonicare toothbrush, one of the issues could be your philips sonicare not charging. If you’re having similar issues with your electric toothbrush, then check out the dental pickup blog for troubleshooting.

3.            You can also buy finger-sized plastic brush and can use them to massage your baby’s gums. The bristles of these smaller toothbrushes are just 2 mm long and are designed especially for teething needs. Most kids feel relieved with the use of these short brushes

You can choose any of the above mentioned methods to relieve the teething pain. But mothers should make sure that anything which is going into her kid’s mouth is properly sterilized. These tips can help your kid remain healthy and happy during the trying times of teething process. Although these tips can help relieve pain during your child’s teething process, if the pain worsens, you should see an emergency dentist right away.

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