How to Take Care of Special Things in Your House

Some valuables you may store carefully for safety – but others will be exposed to the rigours of being on shelves or walls or even being used, albeit on special occasions. This guide is designed to help you keep the items you value in pristine condition. Some things you will be able to do yourself, but, from time to time, you may need to seek out specialist cleaning or repairs. If in any doubt, seek advice from professionals which can lead to technics ┬┤hat keep the value of certain materials that devaluate over time, to learn more, visit Valuations QLD.

Antique lace

Never wash nineteenth-century fine lace, as it may contain horsehair and will fall apart. Take it to an antique textile specialist or a museum for cleaning advice. Twentieth-century lace can be hand washed. Squeeze it, don’t wring it, and pull it into shape while it is hanging to dry. Moths aren’t interested in cotton lace; the main danger here is from yellowing. So keep pieces rolled around white acid-free tissue paper (from a stationer’s) and store in a closed box.


Vacuum bamboo regularly with the brush attachment. Wash each summer with warm soapy water. To re-stiffen your furniture add salt to the final rinse. Air-dry it outside.


Dust cane lightly with a leather duster. A spray cleaner is sale for unvarnished cane. If the piece is varnished, just use soapy water.


This was a popular material used in Art Deco artifacts from the 1930s. Restore shine by washing it with warm water and detergent. To treat stains, use a specialized chrome cleaner.

Christening gowns

Hand wash after use, but don’t starch or iron these. Store them in acid-free tissue paper, placing pads of tissue inside the sleeves and body. Every year, take the gown out and give it a shake to change the folds and then replace it in the acid-free tissue paper.

Clocks and watches

Always leave these for an expert. Never attempt to clean the working parts of clocks and watches. Take old clocks to a clock repairer. Return new watches or clocks to a department store or jewellers, or contact the manufacturer directly for servicing.


For an immaculate collection, don’t polish these; scrub them with hot water, using a toothbrush.


Copper is easily cleaned with any metal polish that specifically says ‘suitable for copper’. It is fine to wash it between cleanings with water and detergent, then a clear rinse. Be sure to dry it well.


It is the hot temperature of the water, plus thorough air-drying, which gives glasses washed in dishwashers that great shine. Try to mimic these conditions when you hand wash glass.

Home videos

Quality video and camcorder tapes are designed to permanently store sounds and images.

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