How to Spot Original Louis Vuitton Boots

Louis Vuitton has designed and produced couture products for many years. Louis Vuitton items prove expensive but bring style to your wardrobe because of their high quality. If you will like to get some fashion tips from a real expert, consider asking Alayne Joy Calgary’s BEST personal stylist.

Because Louis Vuitton products remain so popular, many copycats flood the market. If you plan to buy those fabulous Louis Vuitton boots but worry about their authenticity, follow these tips on how to make sure that you spend your savings on the real deal. You may also look for online consignment shops like the one at if you are looking for designer shoes and other luxury clothing items. Find the best slip on work boots on this site.

  • Though a high price does not guarantee originality, cheap or discount Louis Vuitton boots are probably fake. Louis Vuitton doesn’t have discounts or wholesale prices, so authentic boots will cost somewhere above $700. Bargains might prove tempting, but be aware that authentic Louis Vuitton boots never come cheap. If you’re out to get quality boots that will show off your style and last for years, look for original Louis Vuitton products.

  • The safest way? Buy from trusted sellers. Go to a Louis Vuitton shop and check the official Louis Vuitton website. Also, keep in mind other reputable stores deal with Louis Vuitton products, but you should always double check the seller. If a store has many Louis Vuitton products on display, they are probably copycats. Louis Vuitton doesn’t put out to sale too many items specifically to avoid counterfeiting and keep better track of their products. If you want to buy online, ask for as many pictures as possible so you can closely analyze all the details. Look for the same model on the Louis Vuitton website and compare the pictures. If you see any difference in color, shape, size or material, it should arouse your suspicious.
  • Louis Vuitton products come with a receipt, and the company keeps every buyer’s name and address in its database. If the seller refuses to give you a receipt or a return, you should think twice before making a purchase.
  • Closely examine the boots. Louis Vuitton crafts its products from the finest materials and ensures perfect stitching. If you see any faults or imperfections, or if the material appears too rigid or smells like plastic, look for another seller. You shouldn’t hurry when buying your Louis Vuitton boots. Take your time and spend your money wisely.
  • Fake Louis Vuitton boots sometimes have spelling mistakes on the tag. The logo should appear consistent and according to the standard Louis Vuitton monogram. Any inconsistency denotes a sign that you’re looking at fake products.
  • Be creative. If you don’t have the money to buy the Louis Vuitton boots you dream of, look for women who want to make fashion exchanges.

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