How to Start a Small BBQ Business

Barbecue remains a favorite food preparation method all over the world. With a good recipe and a delectable barbecue sauce, starting a BBQ business can spell success in the restaurant world. Master the art of barbecuing using smokers bbq Cooking and your business will travel from one set of taste buds to another.

  • Find an adequate location to set up a BBQ business. Check your local newspaper for a building you can buy or lease. Make sure it meets zoning requirements for a restaurant business. Choose a location with easy access for customers. Check if there are ATMs near via Research your area’s hot spots such as near office buildings, farmers markets and street parks. As an alternative, you can have a mobile BBQ stand. You will need a van or short truck and a smoker with which you can travel. There are so many different types of food trucks for sale. There’s a taco truck for sale, BBQ food truck for sale, pizza truck, sandwich truck, a truck that was previous used to sell Korean food. If you have multiple food trucks or carts, a commissary kitchen can provide a central location to prep your food and divide it for each truck. Look for a commissary kitchen near your customers and/or close to highways and main roads.
  • When looking to buy your new or used truck, don’t just settle for the first truck you find. Be sure that it works well for the food truck business you intend to start. Read here to know how you can grow your fleet on finance.

  • Decide what type of BBQ business you want to operate. Identify your niches. You may choose from Mexican-American to Korean to Texan barbecue. Each style has a different recipe and techniques. Pick a cuisine you can cook well and that will attract a lot of customers around your location.
  • Decide on the name of your BBQ business. This basic step to having a business license entails contacting your state’s department of public health to see what other permits and licenses you will need.
  • Purchase supplies for your BBQ business. You will need a fryer, a mini-refrigerator or freezer, griller, utensils, and various baking and sheet pans. Baking racks prove great for storing meat in a freezer you can get at Check online for used equipment to save money. Talk with other restaurant owners in your area to know what other equipment you might need.
  • Create a perfect menu for your barbeque restaurant. Consider selling side dishes as well. Set the required costing of your product, including labor. Compare with other BBQ businesses to get an idea of prices.
  • Search for wholesalers around your area for goods such as chicken, pork, beef and other ingredients you will need. Search for options. Contact a few to check their prices and quality of product. Make a deal with the wholesaler of choice.
  • Make a business plan before opening the business. List all factors and competition. By planning a strategy against competitors, you will provide greater chances for your business to succeed. Get a solid, grounded insight of how to execute a successful business before starting. You should also learn about the difference between a food truck and a food trailer at Big Kahuna’s website.
  • Promote your new BBQ business. Hold a grand opening to attract new customers right away. Run an advertisement in advance. Create a press release about your new business and send it to local newspapers. Distribute flyers and special coupons around your area. Supply the location of the restaurant, along with an example of the menu.
  • After the launch of your BBQ restaurant, schedule a regular restaurant cleaning service to keep your business premises clean and make sure it complies with health and safety codes.

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About the Author: Leona Kesler is a head-chef at a very popular food restaurant in New York. Also she is a blogger who shares her experiences, tips, and other informative details about food and cooking. Her recipes are featured on many magazines.

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