How to Set Gmail on the IPhone within Five minutes

We are in a digital age where we live in and are capable doing most works from outside the office premises. One can send and receive the email messages on the iPhone where you watch son hitting the home and your daughter’s ballet programme. However staying connected is an important thing if you do not want to lose any deal or any updates for the project you work. Follow the below given steps to set Gmail on the iPhone.

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  • First enable an IMAP on one’s Gmail account. The word IMAP is “Internet Message Access Protocol.” This enables to receive the Gmail messages on the iPhone. IMAP also connects your Gmail account with the iPhone. This connection will permit to check out the email anytime, anywhere through the mobile phone. To do the IMAP function just login to the Gmail account. Go to top right corner of the main screen and select the option “Settings.” Then in that page, select the option “Forwarding and IMAP/POP” tab. Next go down to option “IMAP Access:” that will permit to change the status of IMAP setting. Then select the option “Enable IMAP” and select the “Save Changes” option which is on the “Settings” page.

  • Next add the account on the iPhone. To the iPhone menu page select the option “Settings”. The thumbnail image which corresponds to it is the one that has gears on it. On the “Settings” panel locate and click the option “Mail”. Then select the “Add Account” option on the upcoming panel and click the option “Other” on the panel “Welcome to Mail”. Then on to the next page click the option “Add Mail Account” and the panel “New Account” will appear on the iPhone. Next fill up the necessary information such as “Name” with the “Gmail User” and your full Gmail address correctly in the field of “Address”. Then type your password in the field of “Password” and then use the Gmail address for “Description” field. Next select the “Save” option to save your currently updated settings.

Next is incoming of the mail server section. Use the link “” for this section in the field of the “Host Name”. Fill up the necessary information asked in the field of “User Name” with your full correct Gmail address and next type the Gmail password. Select the option “Save” to save your current updated settings.

Next is the outgoing of mail server section.  Use the link “” for this section and fill up the field “Host Name”. Next in the field of “User Name”, use your full Gmail address and type the Gmail password correctly in the field of “Password” and select the “Save” option to save your current settings.

Now you can access the email messages anytime and anywhere on your iPhone.

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