How to Steal a Car in Grand Theft Auto

One of the many popular games which were released in 1997 is Grand Theft Auto (GTA). It was created by Jones, Dave and was later developed by two brothers Sam and Dan Houser. Zachary Clarke helped the developers in the design of the game. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) came in several editions i.e. GTA 4, GTA 3, GTA 2, GTA: San Andreas, and GTA: Vice City. As the name suggests, Grand Theft Auto is about the cars. To play the game, you got to have outstanding virtual driving skills. Actually owning or acquiring a car is not a very tough task as many drivers in game tend to leave their cars unattended with no locks. So, the player of the game often gets a chance to steal and acquire more cars.

In order to steal a car in the Grand Theft Auto, you require using little tricks. Here are some of the tips which can help you while stealing a car in the game:

  • Always stay alert. Keep your eyes on your surroundings to look for a suitable opportunity to steal the vehicle. Some focus areas could be dark alleys and remote corners as these areas are the desired places for the motorists.
  • While hunting for cars, look for the ones which you need or you wish to own. You have to make a decision about your preference from the available cars. Most favorite choices could be trucks as they are tough and can be used on difficult terrains. The backside carriers of the trucks could be used to place things which you pick on your way. If speed is your preference, then sports cars should be your choice. One favorite speed car is Porches. But take an advice: don’t settle for speed only. The body of car and its durability should also be noted while choosing a car. There’s no worse feeling than having a bogus car which cannot endure the rough conditions of a fast, tough race.
  • Try not to get gang cars as most of them are used by the baits to trick you. Falling for such ploys and tricks can result in risky situation. The gangster might kill you or blow up the car.
  • Use your own trick methods. You can freeze your car or jump at it to capture. You may want it to stop at the red signal before making your move. Jumping before the car to steal it from the drivers is easier than it sounds, the driver usually use paddle breaks to keep the car from bumping into you. The sudden jump can also scare the driver away and you can get the car with more convenience.
  • Use a triangular key on the game handle to enter and seize a parked car.
  • Press the steal buttons to eject the driver from the vehicle. Enter the car as soon as the driver ejects and drive the car away.

These are some of the methods to steal a car in the Grand Theft Auto. As you will play the game more frequently, you’ll be able to devise your own method too. Enjoy playing!

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