How to Select a Guinea Pigs Cage

Your guinea pigs home needs to be at least 2 feet square. There are many options for housing your pig. There are pre-made cages available at pet and feed stores, you can have a cage custom built, you can build one yourself, or you can resort to creative housing options such as large plastic storage containers! Unlike rabbits, guinea pigs need a cage that has a solid bottom. Wire bottom cages are not suitable, and can result in severe injury to your pig. Guinea pigs do not jump or climb, so it is not necessary to have a cage that is extremely tall or covered. However, if you have cats or other predatory animals in your home it is a good idea to have a cage with a secure lid to protect your pig.

  • The health benefit of exercise for guinea pigs is significant. Like humans, overweight guinea pigs have a higher tendency toward health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, bladder infections, respiratory problems, bumble-foot, and more. Adult males can develop a condition called impaction; a loss of muscle tone in the anal area, causing their droppings to get ‘backed up’ and require periodic cleaning by their guardians. A large cage with ample room for exercise can help keep your guinea pig toned and fit. Adult females tend to put on weight in their belly as they get older. It’s more difficult to find and diagnose ovarian cysts and other related problems in females when they are overweight.

  • Like people, guinea pigs get bored living in the same old small cage hour after hour, day after day, year after year with nothing much to do. It would be like ‘being sent to your room’ forever, only your room is the size of a walk-in closet and that becomes your life. You have to entertain yourself, eat, sleep, and ‘go to the bathroom’ all in that small space — until you die. Even if you are hauled out and allowed to ‘play’ with some other species periodically, it’s a mind-numbing, dreary existence.
  • If you have two or more non-breeding or same-sex guinea pigs (as you should, since they are social animals), it helps keep them happy with each other if they have enough room to run and play and to get away from each other when they choose.
  • Larger cage is much easier to clean and keep clean than the smaller pet store or commercial cages.
  • Happy guinea pigs are more entertaining and well-adjusted guinea pigs. Healthy guinea pigs mean fewer vet visits, worries, and bills. You’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying them and your life, especially knowing they are doing so well and you are doing the right thing by them.

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