How to Select a Flash Unit for a Digital Camera

The photography is good hobby and it’s a great profession too. The cameras are of different types. They are ordinary film camera and digital camera. The digital camera has its own in build flash unit which provides sufficient light for photography. But the in build flash unit sometimes does not provide the required light and may cause the red eye problem in the photography. Hence to overcome this problem we can go for an additional flash unit.

In the market different kinds of and different brands of flash units are available. They have many features and many shapes and sizes. So when we decide to buy a flash unit we can go through the following hints in this article.

  • Before buying a flash unit we must take a look at our digital camera. We have to look for a hot shoe or a jack in it. This provision in our camera allows us to connect the external flash unit. It provides an electrical connection to the flash unit. In case our camera is not having the provision for a hot shoe we have to buy the hot shoe cord along with the flash unit also.
  • In pocket digital cameras there won’t be any presence of hot shoe. If this is the case we have to buy slave flash unit which would help us in providing a powerful lighting. This slave unit has a sensor which senses for the second burst when the flash goes off.
  • We have to select a flash unit which could support the model of our digital camera. We can either buy the flash unit from the manufactures of our digital camera or any other flash unit which will work with our camera. This is because of the fact that if a flash unit works in accordance with the digital camera it can automatically adjust its features but if isn’t the case then we have to operate it manually which will make our work difficult.
  • Depending upon the lighting we require we have to select the external flash unit. In case of professional photographers and journalist they may require a hammerhead external flash unit. It is fixed on a tripod. There is another flash units which can be used by both the professional and buy the people who do photography as a hobby. It is known as camera top flash. This external flash unit has advanced models which will help in creating great photographs.
  • For photographs which require a close ups we can opt the ring flash. It is fixed to the camera lens and the light is directly focused on the object to be photographed. This ring flash has an option of adjusting the light intensity on one side of the ring which creates a shadow effect. Another similar flash unit is called as the twin flash.
  • The next thing we should consider is our budget for the purchase. The price of the external flash units increases with the increase of its features. For people who do photography as a hobby flash units with moderate rate and features are suitable. In case of professionals they have to choose the flash units with higher features and an option to operate it manually.
  • The battery life of the camera is also to be considered before buying a flash unit. The flash units with more features utilize more power. During indoor photography we have to connect the flash units to the sockets. If this is the case we have to select the flash units with an option of electrical outlet.
  • The in build flash units gives a flat look to the photos. The external flash unit makes a good use of the light that will be completely making the great photographic image. Based on the type of photography and light intensity we require we have to select the external flash unit. After a serious comparison of various external flash units and based on our budget we have to select the external flash unit.

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