How to Record Using a Dish DVR

Earlier days there was only one way by which you can watch your favorite program when you are not in your home or you have any other work at that particular time. It is by attaching a VCR to the tv. This will record the program. And it is essential for you to make sure that a new tape which is blank is inserted.

But nowadays it has become very easy with the DVR technology. This not only records the program but you can also rewind and pause a live program. This works like the hard drive of the computer. You can save the program and work with it whenever you want. This is just like the computer. Here the receiver is the hardware. The remote is a very important appliance and it is very user friendly. The following are certain steps to record a particular program.

  • Click the guide button present on the remote. This takes you to all the programs that are present. This will give all the details including time, date, size, etc. you can navigate via the programs by moving up and down and you should select a program which you want to record. Suppose you don’t know what should be recorded then you should search for the programs. You can use the browser to do this. This will help you a lot to search for a particular file or folder.
  • After the program has been selected then a screen will appear. This is called create timer screen. Here you can choose the method of recording according to your own choice. You yourself can choose the options. Then the timer frequency can also be set so that it will automatically select when it wants to record.
  • The other recordings can be done with the timer options. The receiver can be set to protect the event. The program will not be erased even if there is no space in the disk. The program that is small will get selected soon. After making your selections the create timer key should be pressed in order to set.
  • The recording time should be selected properly. This is essential for you to get the entire program. Because certain programs will take place a longer time. Hence the time should be set correctly. You have to choose from several selections.
  • This should be done daily. Only then all the programs will be recorded every day. For this to take place the DVR should be set properly.
  • With this technology you can easily record the shows when you are forced to go out when your favorite program is going on. You need not worry about any inconveniences of the tape that it will run out or it will get entangled out and stuffs like that. Anyways the hard disk memory has to be checked.

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