How to Save on Renter’s Insurance

Although renter’s insurance typically is not expensive, you might still want to save every penny you can, especially if you are planning on having luxury apartments or cars. Even if a lot of companies offer cheap renter’s insurance, you still might want to research about the best deal that you can get. Go to for more information. If you are budget conscious, rental property loans could be a great option for you.



  • Car/Renter’s Discount. Usually companies will give you a big discount if you insure your car together with your property. It’s like a two-in-one package. Your agent will brief you about the percent discount you will get if you insure your car and apartments with that particular company. This is ideal for those who want a great deal on a policy at a much cheaper price.



  • Deductible. Increasing your deductible will let you save more. It is ideal to increase your deductible so as to prevent using your renter’s insurance to claim small valued items. Most companies today have a surcharge of 10-85%. This will, however, depend on the number of claims filed within a period of time,  and there are also other services that offer conversion options for life insurance policies online.
  • Security System. If you install security equipment in the place you rent, you protect your possessions from being stolen and therefore prevent your property from being an insurance risk. Once the company identifies that your apartment or rental home is less of an insurance risk, you will pay a lesser value for your policy.
  • Dead Bolt Locks. Insurance companies often give discounts if you have these installed on every door because it increases security. Dead bolt locks are inexpensive and it will totally be worth the small investment.
  • Smoke Alarms. This will prevent any accident or loss caused by fire. Claims filed due to fire can be very expensive, so your insurance company will most likely give you a discount if you have a smoke alarm permanently fixed in your apartment.
  • Non-Smoking Household. Smokers cause many fire accidents, so companies are willing to give discounts to a non-smoking household since they seek customers who are least likely to cause risk. If you live in a high fire risk area and still don’t have a fire insurance protection, it’s time to get a quote here from Einhorn Insurance.
  • Sprinkler System. Again, claims for loss due to fire are expensive, so installing one of these in your luxury apartments West End London will usually get you a discount with your insurance company.
  • Organization Affiliations. Many renters secure discounts just by being affiliated with or being members of certain organizations. This may include fraternities or sororities. Inquire about a list of affiliations your company recognizes.


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