How to Remove Dye from Hair

Sometimes things can go wrong during beauty treatments, especially if you are doing your own hair dye job or have it done at a salon. So in instances that results do not turn out the way you wanted—say, maybe the shade is too light or too dark for you—there are easy fixes you can try to avoid that dye job disaster as A&E and SNY Center notes. These tips are specifically for dye jobs that are lighter or darker than expected.


Lighter Hair Dye

  • Let your stylist know if you’re not happy with the results. Your hairstylist will most likely schedule you for a color correction. If both of you reach an agreement, there should be no charge for the follow-up procedure.
  • If your shade is lighter than what you want, one solution would be to color your hair again. It is easy to remove colors that are darker than your natural hair color.

  • If the shade is too light, you can reapply a color that is two shades darker than the one you previously applied. You have to make sure you carefully follow the directions on the label.
  • You may also color your hair darker again and try to lighten it the second time around until you achieve the hair color that you want.
  • In any case that the color turns out to be a nightmare or the problem seems to be unfixable, it is still best to consult with a professional colorist regarding the proper color correction he can do for you.



Darker Hair Dye

  • Darker hair color is easier to fix. Dyes can be removed if they are just a few days old.
  • You can try a product by L’Oreal called Color Zap. This product will reverse your color problem. After an application from this product, you can easily wash your hair dye. This product can also work well removing permanent hair dyes.
  • If you used a semi-permanent color, you can easily fade it naturally. These dyes will fade quickly, and you can wash your hair more often if you want to speed up the process.
  • If your hair dye is too dark, sometimes washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo will do the job. You can choose one that is designed to remove product build up or for swimmers who frequently expose their hair to chlorine. This type of shampoo will remove anything on the hair, including dye pigments.

If clarifying shampoos don’t do the job, you can try Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo. This shampoo can fade color in the hair. Try shampooing with this product as often as you need to quickly fade the colo

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