How to Salute the Sun with Your Yoga Workout

The 12-step salute to the sun is considered a comprehensive yoga workout. Remember to follow this workout at least once or twice shortly after you wake up to help alleviate rigidity and revitalize the body. Repeating these steps in the evening will help you unwind, but those who have difficulty sleeping discover they require 6-12 repetitions. Here are the steps you need to follow to achieve the 12-step salute to the sun.

  • Commence in a standing position. Double check if your feet are a bit away from each other. Place your hands close together with your thumbs next to your chest.
  • Take a deep breath and gradually lift your arms above your head. After a few seconds, little by little arc yourself far back, all the while trying to contract your posterior. Stay in this position and count to three.
  • Begin with breathing out, then bow forward. Hold your knees upright and try to make your fingers reach the ground. Align your head parallel to your knees.

Salute Sun Yoga Workout

  • Inhale and then gradually start bending your knees. Aim to have your fingers touch the ground. Then let your right foot glide as far back as possible. Make sure your right knee is just an inch away from the ground. Now with your back curved, raise your head and stretch.
  • Let your left foot glide far back until it is parallel with your right knee. Balance your weight via your hands and feet. When exhaling, check that your tummy is tucked in.
  • Expel some air slowly while bending your knees until they reach the ground. Curve your hips in an arc. Position your chest slightly nearer to the ground, and then follow with your forehead.
  • Breathe in deeply once more while raising your head and arching your neck. Do the same for your upper chest, followed by your lower chest, and then finally your abdomen, hips and torso until nearly your entire body is on the ground with your elbows a bit bent. Count up to five in this position.
  • Let air out gradually. Elevate your hips while making sure your hands and feet lie evenly on a smooth plane on the ground. Make sure that your arms and legs are in a straight line, almost positioned like an inverted letter V.
  • Slowly breathe in and glide your right foot backward once more. With your right foot even on the ground, ensure that your left leg is directly in a straight position while you lift up your head and bend your back in a curve.
  • Breathe out slowly as you extend your left foot beside your right foot. When your legs are in an upright, straight position, proceed with standing up slowly with your fingertips still touching the ground. Standing up with your back bent downward, let your head and knees meet together once more.
  • Inhale deeply and lift your hands up to extend as far back just like before. Firm up your posterior once more and count to three.
  • Finally, exhale slowly while letting your arms fall back to your sides once more. Feel the relaxation. Follow the same exercise in a routine.

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