How to Save Your Home from Burglars

Wherever you live, no matter what type of home you live in or how many valu­ables you have, being burgled is a shat­tering experience. The worth of the goods stolen is often irrelevant; what matters is the memories that have been taken and the shock and distress that have been caused.

Many break-ins are the result of casual thieves (rather than experienced as well as highly-skilled professional criminals) who could have been deter­red by a locked window or a new lock. Simple precautions can act as deterrent to all but the most determined thieves. For advice on the best method of mak­ing your home secure, go to a locksmith, your local crime prevention officer or your insurance company.

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Facing the facts

How attractive is your home to a bur­glar? Do you live in an inner-city area and therefore stand a higher chance of being burgled? Do you live in a de­tached house that is not directly over­looked? Are you out at work all day? Do you have neighbours who might notice any suspicious movements? Do you have a neighbourhood watch scheme?

Remember that most burglaries take place during the day, rather than at night, and a burglar can be in and out of your home in a few minutes. To better secure your home, hire professional locksmith services like the locksmith Portland Maine to replace you locks with more secure ones.

Making it hard for burglars

It is easy for burglars to tell if your home is empty during the day. Make it more difficult. Buy a box for the milk­man to put your milk in – so unless he actually opens the box the burglar will not know if you have removed the milk bottles that day or not – and do not leave a note on the front door for the milkman or anyone else. Make sure your letter­box is large enough for all your news­papers to fit through and install a flap so the burglar cannot peep through and see that the house looks empty.

Buy a time-switch (or two) so that lights (and a radio) will come on in your home as soon as it begins to get dark. A dark house with the curtains open is an obvious sign that no one is at home. The light from the video digital display or your cheque book lying on the sofa next to the window are also signs that there is something to take. A spotlight fitted outside your home that comes on when there is someone in the garden could be enough to make a burglar think twice.

Being aware of the risks

Detached houses are more at risk than semi-detached or terraced properties, often because they are secluded and neighbours cannot see or hear burglars at work. Also at risk are houses and flats near the ends of streets or backing onto alleyways, parks, fields or waste ground. Walls, fences and shrubs around the garden may give you greater privacy, but they give the burglar greater privacy as well. Patio doors give you a good view; they also give the burglar a good view (and entrance) in.

Women living on their own are often vulnerable. They should use their initials (and surname) only in the tele­phone directory and on the door bell -consider adding a false name as well so there appear to be several people living there. Take all necessary precautions. Go to of you’re looking for a guide to installing a security system.

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Opening the door

Do not open the door to anyone you do not know unless you have checked his or her identification. There are many confidence tricksters, and elderly people are particularly vulnerable to them. Even children pretending to organize a party for the handicapped and women posing as social workers have fronted burglaries. The best pro­tection is a door viewer and door chain or an entryphone which enables you to ask for further information and proof of identify before letting in a stranger. Make sure the area outside the front door is well lit at night. You might also want to consider having a new entry door installation with the help of professional Entry Door Installers.

Car thefts

Many thefts do not involve your home, but often just your car. Whenever you leave your car, always shut the windows, lock the boot and all the doors and remove the radio/tape deck and any valuables that can been seen from the street. Remember also to remove the ignition key. Having an alarm fitted in your car is also a valuable deterrent.

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