How To Reuse Your iPod

The invention of touch screen iPod has made lots of classical iPods just wasted and they are never been used now. The classical model does not have to take priority to the flowing touch screen model. One cannot imagine, but it is possible to reuse your iPod. To reuse iPod one must not think it just as a music player, but can use it as a portable device. Once you think in that way, the ideas are eternal.

Do you want a new stereo in your room? Also you can listen to music while you cook in kitchen. Just by adding portable speakers to iPod you can reuse it as a stereo. Many iPod manufacturers have in built speakers and it will fit in classical iPods. You can get speakers around $20 in nearby shops. These speakers normally have a plug and it can be plugged into iPod headphone jack.

You can reuse your classical iPod as a movable game machine. You can enjoy games like sudoku, doom etc. by downloading Rock Box to your classical iPod. It can also be used as a timer, calculator and lots more applications including listening to musical files after installing Rock Box.

You can reuse your iPods as temporary hard drive device. Many classical iPods have large amount of capacity to store the contents. There exist a lot of space to have your videos, songs and lots of document files. You can also use it as a backup storage device. As you can reuse your classical iPods as a storage device, there is no need to buy an extra hard drive.

You can use your old iPod as a recipe book. You can use it as a pod gourmet as it allows 260 recipes which comprises of 14 categories. Renovate your classical iPod into a mixologist guide by installing software like iPod bartender and you can make a lots of drink recipes. Now you may know how to prepare pod gourmet and drinks always. One can also store Wikipedia content directly on your classical iPod as it make it much more easier to do all works what you need.

Do you use index cards? Renovate your old iPod by installing notes. Flash card machines can be used in your iPods by installing notes. You don’t want to carry index cards all the time. This acts as a great tool in speeches, presentations, study and memorization.

An iPod can also be renovated by using it as storage for DVDs. You can do it by getting an audio/video port and filching it to your iPod and it can be plugged in to TV. By copying the movie first on your iPod you can plug it with TV and play your favorite movies.

This is just a few ideas how you can reuse your old iPod. Still it can be used in many more applications.

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