How to Relieve Hip and Lower Back Tension with Massage

Many people suffer from lower back tension, a complaint which often goes along with tightness in the hips. As the support for the rest of the spine, the lower back is extremely important, yet poor posture, strain through lifting, lack of exercise and badly supporting chairs all contribute to making this a weak spot. A tight lower back affects the rest of the spine. It may contribute to a lack of hip movement, which can then affect the legs, or cause sciatic pain. Here are some ideas for stretching the lower back, mobilizing the hip joint and loosening the surrounding fibrous tissue and the use of equipment as a massage gun which could be really helpful for this. Adequate back support, stretching, exercise and mobile massage solutions can help to stop what may start off as stiffness from becoming more serious.

Pressing the hip joint

Sit to the side of your partner. Place the tips of your fingers behind the top of the thigh bone and slowly press inward. Increase the pressure very slowly as you penetrate the soft tissue, using your other hand to give support. Press and release around the joint. This movement will also affect the leg.

Lower Back Massage

Diagonal stretch

Lean over your partner. Position both hands on opposite sides of the lower back, one level with the hip, the other slightly higher up. Now, give a diagonal stretch across the lower back. Lean in with your body weight and stretch the hands apart, without moving over the skin. Repeat the other way.

Pushing the leg back

Sit to the side of your partner. Place one hand under the ankle, the other on the knee. Now, lift the leg and slowly bend it back toward the chest. Stop when you feel resistance. Help the stretch by pushing at the heel and pressing below the knee. Release and lower the leg slowly.

Circling the hip joint

Remain in the same position. Lift the leg and bend it toward the chest. This time, begin to circle the leg very slowly, supporting it under the foot and at the knee. Circle three times, making the circles as wide as possible, and stopping if your partner tenses. Repeat in the other direction, then gently lower the leg.

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