How to Relieve Tension Headaches with Massage

Headaches can sometimes be caused simply through tension. Stressful situations, pressures and confrontations, an information overload or overcrowded schedules can all cause persistent anxiety and the release of chemicals within the body. These can build up, resulting in headaches which ore further aggravated by muscular tension brought about as we deal with these situations. However, why not try the following strokes instead of reaching for the aspirin? These movements will help with tension release and encourage the body to relax. Essential oils of rosemary, marjoram, melissa, rose or lavender can also be extremely useful where headaches are associated with nervous tension.

Pressing under the skull

Stand behind your partner with one hand on the body for support. Now, lightly place your thumb at the base of your partner’s neck and follow the spine upward until you come to the hollow just below the base of the skull. Press gently but firmly for two seconds and then release. This has an immediately relaxing and uplifting effect. Only do this once.

Headaches Massage

Kneading the neck

Support your partner’s head from underneath with one hand, then place the other hand at the base of the neck and gently knead your partner’s neck muscles. Make sure your fingers stay to the side of the spine. Work up toward the skull and back again, gently lifting the muscles to encourage tension release. Then repeat on the other side.

Pressing the head

Resting your hands lightly around your partner’s head, place both thumbs together, just above the hairline. Now, gently press for a moment and then release. Pressing with the pads of your thumbs, work back in a line to the centre of the head, pressing and releasing at regular intervals. This will have both a relaxing and uplifting effect.

Fingertip circling the forehead

Pressing lightly with the tips of your fingers, make minute circles on the spot over your partner’s forehead. Use your other hand for steadiness and to apply more pressure. Cover the entire forehead, pressing from the centre outward, each time feeling the release of tension as you press. This stroke always feels particularly good around the brows. As you press, your partner’s tension should simply melt away.

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