How to Relieve Back Tension with Massage

As anyone who has ever suffered from a bad back will know, the effects can be absolutely devastating. While problems by that stage need professional attention, many difficulties have their origin in muscular tension. Poor posture and tight muscles can seriously affect the movement of the joints, which results in compression and even further restriction of movement. Help maintain a relaxed back through regular massage, focusing on squeezing and pressing the muscles outward. Using pressure points will help. The key here is gentleness. Always move into a stroke slowly and only increase the pressure once you feel the back is relaxed. Otherwise your partner will respond by tightening further.

Stretching between the shoulder blades

Sit to your partner’s side and leaning over, place both hands between the shoulder blades, at either side of the spine. Pressing with the heels of the hands, slowly push out toward the shoulders, stopping at the shoulder blades themselves. Repeat the movement for a great releasing stretch.

Back Massage

Pressing between the ribs Place the pads of your thumbs over the muscles to either side of the spine, starting just above your partner’s lower rib. Now, press into the muscles between the ribs and release. (Keep to the side of the spine.) Move up the spine, pressing and releasing after each rib, until you reach the base of the neck.

Pressing the sacrum Place your fingers to either side of the spine and locate the dimples at the top of the sacrum (the bony triangle at the base of the spine), with your thumbs. Now, move slightly inward, until you come to a depression in the bone, press, then release. Move down the spine and repeat three more times.


Sit to one side of your partner and lean across to place your hands on the broad bands of muscle running alongside the spine. Press in with your heels, rocking gently away from you Your partner’s whole body should respond to the movement. Rock slowly up and down, focusing on loosening and releasing tension from the muscles, and then repeat on the other side.

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