How to Relieve Arm Problems with Massage

Many arm problems stem from tension in the back. Tight muscles restrict the movement of the joints, which causes an over-working of the muscles in the limbs and can lead to the nerves becoming irritated. However, with increasing problems occurring due to bad posture, prolonged computer use or desks at the wrong height, it is a good idea to make sure you keep the arms themselves as relaxed and trouble free as possible. The following movements help relax the muscles and joints. Adjust your office chair to the correct height, placing a block under your feet if necessary. Take frequent breaks, shake your arms out and alternate your actions between your right and left hand.

Forearm press

Support your partner’s arm at the wrist. Place your thumb over the centre of the forearm, and press down between the bones. As you press, circle on the spot to increase the penetration of the stroke. Press down the centre of the arm at regular intervals to the wrist, keeping to the line of the bones.

Arm Problems

Rocking the wrist

Place your fingers lightly at either side of your partner’s wrist. Roll the wrist from side to side between your middle fingers. The movement should be very quick. It will help to loosen the wrist and as long as your partner relaxes the hand, it will release to the fingertips at the same time.

Upper arm squeeze

Support the arm at the wrist. Now, place your hand over your partner’s upper arm muscles, thumb to one side, fingers to the other. Then press in, lift and squeeze and roll the muscles between your fingers and thumb. This feels wonderful. Continue working up and down the arm, releasing any tightness.

Squeezing between the bones

Place your thumb over the top of the web between thumb and forefinger, with your fingers underneath. Draw down between the bones, squeezing between your first finger and thumb. Then repeat this movement between all the fingers across the hand.

Finger joint press

Hold your partner’s hand, palm upward, in your own. Use your thumbs to press in over the finger joints. You can press in quite deeply, working over, around and below the joints. Use both thumbs to massage each joint, pressing, rolling and circling between fingers and thumbs.

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