How to Relax and Calm Yourself

Your surroundings are important in helping you to relax. Sitting in a bright, sunny room can change your attitude instantly. Many people get depressed during the winter months due to lack of sunlight. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a light-deprivation disorder that affects mainly women and causes recurrent, cyclical bouts of depression and tiredness. In Scandinavia, which has very limited sunlight during winter months, many cities have developed ‘light rooms’ which use artificial lights to re-create the sun’s spectrum. People just pop in to get some light therapy. It works! So let the light into your home or get outside and make the most of the sunshine.

My relaxation is as simple as a walk in the park each morning with my dogs. Rain or shine, it is one of the most pleasurable experiences of my day. I watch the mist rising from the ponds and see the swans and ducks swimming with their young. I smell the honeysuckle from a distance and am intoxicated by the beauty of nature in the middle of a bustling city. My dogs run free and meet up with their friends to socialise, which makes them very happy and friendly pets. I am inspired and relaxed. I gain a sense of perspective as nature goes about its business. It is pure bliss. I am home by 8.30am to start my day with a new lease of life.

Think about how you feel after a restless night’s sleep. I know that if I haven’t slept properly I feel exhausted and unable to focus clearly the following day. Lack of relaxation can make you go through your days with a low battery.

Over the years, when I have had restless times, I have tried various forms of meditation to help restore the balance in my hectic life. It doesn’t have to be complicated – just a little time on your own to be quiet and still. As little as fifteen minutes a day meditating can really make a difference.

We also need some personal time and space to collect our thoughts. If you share a space with your family, designate a time of the day and a room that is strictly your own and drink a Shot of Joy to help make you feel better.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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